Jurnal Pendidikan Kimia
Vol 1, No 2 (2012): Jurnal Pendidikan dan Pembelajaran Kimia


rodiah, siti (Unknown)
diawati, chansyanah (Unknown)
kadaritna, nina (Unknown)

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11 Apr 2013


 Chemistry’s phenomena can explained by multiple representation, they are macroscopis, symbolis, and submicroscopis dimention. Based on the fact, submicroscopis dimention is often diserted, especially when teach acid-base material because it is difficult to learn.  According to this case, teachers need the media for delivering material of chemistry. The research aim is resulting animation media of Arrhenius acid-base material based on multiple representation.This research used research and development (R & D) method by Gall, Gall and Borg in Putra (2012). But on this research, step only arrive to step of main product revision. Research and development on this research have three steps. They are needs analysis step, consist of literature study and field study, planning and developing product step, consist of planning product, developing product,validation, and revision product, and the last is field test step, whose test of the product then revision the product based on result of test.Result of this research was animation media of Arrhenius acid-base material based on multiple representation which have characteristics: 1) displaying science material of Arrhenius acid-base which be explained by multiple representation, 2) it has parts consist of opening, instructional, competence standard, basic competence, indicators of product cognitive, subject of acid-base solution, subject of indicators acid-base, subject of Arrhenius acid-base, subject of pH, and profile button, 3) the contents suitability aspect has high score that is 80% according to validator judgement and 80% according to teacher judgement, and also have the highest level in isteresting aspect that is 83.45% according students judgement.Key words :  animation media, multiple representation, Arrhenius acid-base 

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