Jurnal Kedokteran Maranatha
Vol 11, No 2 (2012)

Brain Damage due to Excessive Glycine Diet Related to NR2B Protein

Onggowidjaja, Philips (Unknown)
Shahib, M. Nurhalim (Unknown)

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25 Nov 2014


Damaged brain will lower the quality of life. Several efforts to prevent brain damage have been performed, including the studies to understand the brain damage mechanisms and to find the drugs to prevent further damages. One of the brain damage mechanisms after the trauma caused by ischemia, infection, etc. is the exitotoxic reaction triggered by excessive Ca2+ influx into the neuron. The influx is facilitated by ion channel at neuron, and the performance of this channel is influenced by its subunits, such as NR1, NR2A-D, and NR3A,B. The NR1 subunit helps the opening of the channel after binding Glycine, while the NR2B subunit helps the opening after binding Glutamate. Glycine and Glutamate are ligands working as coagonist to each other. The presence of excessive Glycine is considered to increase the Ca2+ influx, which can lead to neuronal death through apoptotic pathway. Therefore, brain-damage patients’ intake of foodstuff rich in Glycine should be controlled to prevent them from further damage.

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