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Hermawan, Dedy ( Dosen Jurusan Ilmu Administrasi Negara FISIP - Universitas Lampung )
Sumanjoyo, Simon ( Dosen Jurusan Ilmu Administrasi Negara FISIP - Universitas Lampung )
Puspawati, Ani Agus ( Dosen Jurusan Ilmu Administrasi Negara FISIP - Universitas Lampung )

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04 Jul 2013


BRT program  is  a mandate of Law Number 22 Year 2009 on Road  Traffic and Transport  stated that every city should have a mode of mass transportation. With the aim to reduce congestion in Bandar Lampung. BRT planning process has been carried out, mainly  by the Department  of Transportation  and the  city of Bandar Lampung Consortium PT. Trans Bandar Lampung. There are some circumstances that  a  polemical  sources  in planning  BRT  program  in  Bandar  Lampung,  the existence of monopoly routes for the transport routes in Dublin by the Consortium PT.  Trans  Bandar  Lampung,  BRT  terminals  that do not  pay a fee,  as  well as indications  of bribery  in the selection of  the driver  in the  PT.  Trans  Bandar Lampung.  BRT Program  is a partnership program  involving many stakeholders, including  the Ministry of Transport  of the Republic of  Indonesia,  Bandar Lampung  Transportation  Agency,  the Regional Representatives Council  of Bandar  Lampung,  Bandar  Lampung  Organda,  PT.  Trans  Bandar  Lampung, Bandar Lampung Perum Damri, Indonesian Transportation Society (MTI) Region Lampung,  Bandar  Lampung  Angkot  Communication  Forum  (FKABL),  CV. Devis Jaya, as well as the security forces (military-police and municipal police).Key Word: Planning, Stakeholders, Bus Rapid Transit

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