Vol 11, No 1 (2008): Vol. XI No. 1, September 2008

Pengaruh Garam-Garam Nitrat Terhadap Konsentrasi Miselisasi Kritis (CMC, Critical Micellization Concentration) Saponin

Amran, Ali (Unknown)

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07 Jan 2013


Effect of nitrate salts [NaNO3, KNO3, Mg(NO3)2 and Sr(NO3)2], on the critical micellization concentration (cmc) of  saponin, as  a natural non-ionic surfactant, which isolated from Sapindus Rarak D.C, have been conducted by a tensiometric method. Results showed that (1) the higher of concentration of the added nitrate salts, the lower cmc reached; (2) the more electropositive of added cation of added salts, the lower cmc reached; (3) the salt effect on the decreasing of  cmc and cations binding to micelles becomes more pronounced in the order Na+< K+< Mg2+< Sr2+; and (4) cmc decreasing of nitrat salts Na, K, Mg, dan Sr. were favorable enough, while nitrate salts of Mg and Sr at concentration of  ≥ 0,06M, showed a constant decreasing cmc relatively. Key Words: garam-garam  nitrat [NaNO3, KNO3, Mg(NO3)2 dan Sr(NO3)2], cmc, serta saponin.

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