Jurnal Kajian Ekonomi
Vol 1, No 1 (2012)


Sufyeti, Sufyeti (Unknown)
Aimon, Hasdi (Unknown)
Syofyan, Efrizal (Unknown)

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Publish Date
23 Feb 2013


ABSTRACT This study aims to determine and  analyze (1) the effect of private investment, labor, and development expenditure to  economic growth in Agam regency.(2)  the effect of labor,  inflation,economic growth and development expenditures in agam regency. This type of of research is descriptive and associative  studies. While the data type is documentary data, the source data is secondary data sources and in the form  of time series from 1980 to 2009. This study utilize a model of simultaneous equations by means of indirect least square (ILS). Endogeneous variables in this study is  economic growth and development expenditrue. While the exsogen variable are  private investment,labor and inflation. Based on these results. It is recomended to agam goverment to make regulation for stimulating investor to put investement in agam regency. The method is to simplify the bureaucracy process for  investment, and promote that agam   regency is a promising  region to invest. It is neccessary for agam local government to  provide training and education for the workforce in agam regency therefore the workforce will work in accordance with their respective expertise.  Keywords:  Development expenditure,  economic growth,  inflation,  private investment, labor

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