Vol 9, No 01 (2009): MADANI EDISI I Mei 2009


Muis, Abdul (Unknown)

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23 Apr 2012


Role of Party Politics in the context of the implementation of the State is having an important role, as a means of political socialization, as a place of community participation in distributing apirasi, needs and interests, as a means of regulating the conflict as well as the executor of the political education of the nation. With the awareness of political education and political participation of the community is expected to increase. However, in reality the role and functions of political institutions are perceived by society is still far from expected. Because the relationship between party elites with less public areas are good. Political elite that has been sitting just busy with its interests alone, is less sensitive terhadp what happens in the surrounding environment. So it is not rare public criticism since the demo even impatient with the behavior and the behavior is even more alarming when they are conducting meetings with each other making fun of each other. Arguing that are not on the substance of the issues discussed. What about the education community demkrasi can be realized, this is still an advanced question mark us all. Keywords : Cooperative and Social Welfare

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