Vol 11, No 01 (2010): MADANI EDISI I Mei 2010


Muis, Abdul

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18 Apr 2012


Corruption is a social phenomenon has existed since the era of the history of Egyptian, Babylonian, Hebrew, Indian, Chinese, Greek, and Ancient Rome. Corruption on the surface appear as a problem. From start to tarap simple to the very modern. Various efforts have been made, law enforcement officials made various efforts to be able to cope. But along with the development of time Korupsipun growing. Including Indonesia Corruption in our country and the day rather than getting lost, it became increasingly greater amounts and fantastic, with the number of players who more and more and congregation. Where did it from starting low-level employees to senior officials, civilian and military officials. This is an emergency that must be taken seriously. Because corruption is so diverse. If not immediately anticipated it will take effect very broad. Because of 151 cases of official corruption that involved 17 people the law was an official of the Governor. Not to mention a former minister, a former member of Parliament and who are still serving members of Parliament. Keywords : Corruption, Law Enforcement, Justice

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