Asia Pacific Journal of Sustainable Agriculture, Food and Energy
Vol 2, No 1 (2014): Agriculture Food and Energy for Future

Unripe Areca (Areca catechu. L) Nut Syrup as A Functional Drinks Addition with Powdered Cassia Vera Extract

Yenrina, Rina ( Andalas University )
Nazir, Novizar ( Andalas University )
Lubis, Alfian Syukri ( Andalas University )

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03 Dec 2013


This study aims to determine the effect of addition of powdered Cassia vera exstract on chemical composition and organoleptic value of unripe areca nut syrup. This research used Completely Randomized Design consist of four treatments and three replications. However, chemistry, physics, and microbiology testing take two of the most preferred product and one control products. Observational data were analyzed by using a statistical program 8, followed by Tukey test at 5% level. The treatments were: A (without addition of cassia vera as control), B (addition 2% of cassia vera exstract), C (addition 4% of cassia vera ), and D (addition 6% of cassia vera). The observations were the analysis of raw materials unripe areca nut includes moisture, ash, fat, protein, antioxidants activity, alkaloids measurement, tannins and carbohydrates. Moreover, chemical analysis of areca nut syrup includes moisture content, ash, sugar, antioxidants, and tannins. And viscosity test for physical analysis. For microbiological analysis such as total plate count and organoleptic test includes taste, odor, and color preference had choosen by the preference test methods. The results, indicates that the addition of powdered cassia vera extract into areca nut syrup significantly had different influence on ash content, water content, sugar content, antioxidant level, viscosity, and tannin level. As on total plate count and alkaloids measurement also had a significant effect on areca nut syrup processing. The results of Organoleptic test showed that the product C was the most preferred product by panelists who chose like-really like level at 95%-100%. Product C as the most preferred product, has an average 42,347% of water content, 0,061% ash content, 71,333% sugar, 15,273% antioxidant level, 7,21% tannin content, viscosity 0,933 dPa.S, alkaloids measurement (+), and total plate count 4,0×10².  Key words : syrup, areca nut, cassia vera, tannin, and antioxidant.

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