JUTI: Jurnal Ilmiah Teknologi Informasi
Vol 7, No 4, Juli 2009


Saikhu, Ahmad (Unknown)
Sarwosri, Sarwosri (Unknown)
Laila, Nur (Unknown)

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Publish Date
01 Jul 2009


Lotting or purchasing raw materials is one step in Material Requirement Planning. Lotting technique that already known is the Wagner-Within algorithm. This algorithm is widely used because it provides optimal solutions for problem sizedeterministic dynamic reservation at a particular time period in which the needs of the entire period must be completed. It takes a application system of optimization planning raw material requirements using the Wagner-Whitin algorithm. The development of this process begins with building a power module of demand data using Arima method (1,1,1), then followed by forecasting modules of consumer demand for end product by using the multiplicative decomposition forecasting methods, and ends with the development of Materials Requirement Planning module (MRP I) using the Wagner-Whitin algorithm. The results of the test system with test data is the generation of data will form the same pattern that is likely up from week to week. Forecasting results have high accuracy registration of 99.48%, 99.64% and 99.68%. Wagner-Whitin algorithm always produces the combination of weeks. Result of the combination in the first week will produces the minimum cost for the entire week of production.

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