Archive of Community Health (Arc.Com.Health)
Vol 1, No 1 (2012)


Manyullei, Syamsuar ( Bagian Kesehatan Lingkungan FKM Universitas Hasanudin, Makasar )
Utama, Deddy Alif (Unknown)
Birawida, Agus Bintara ( FKM Universitas Hasanudin )

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Publish Date
23 Apr 2014


Leprosy is an infectious disease caused by Mycobacterium leprae. Based on data from PemerintahKota Makassar (2007), Tamalate sub district is an area in which new cases detection are quitehigh every year (Makassar as many as 15 cases per year). This research aims to explore the factorsassociated with lepers in the Tamalate District of Makassar. Determinants of lepers are knowledge,age, gender, physical contact and personal hygiene.This research is driven by observational study with descriptive approach. Study populationincludes all lepers living in Tamalate District and registered since January 2008 - December2011 from four health centers in the district. The sample is lepers currently on treatment or have completed treatment (RFT) aged ? 15 years. Thus, sampling method uses exhaustive samplingwith a sample size of 51 people and the data are analysed with univariate dan bivariate analysis.These results indicate that, 66.7% lepers have su?  cient knowledge about leprosy, 78.4% leperswere 15 years old or older when they began to be diagnosed as lepers, 60.8% lepers are male,84.3% lepers are at high risk of infected leprosy regarding to physical contact, and 49% lepershave good personal hygiene.Lepers have su?  cient of knowledge about leprosy, lepers were 15 years old or older when theybegan to be diagnosed as lepers. Most of lepers are male, lepers have good personal hygiene.Thus, this research recommends to increase health promotion on leprosy, minimize physicalcontact with lepers, and improve personal hygiene such as maintaining to wash hands.

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