International Journal of Advances in Applied Sciences
Vol 2, No 4: December 2013

The Preprocessing and Probing Technique of Open Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem with Split and Time Deadline (OCVRP-St) Model In Rubbish Transportation Problem

Irmeilyana, Irmeilyana ( Sriwijaya University )
Puspita, Fitri Maya ( Sriwijaya University )
Indrawati, Indrawati ( Sriwijaya University )
Nur Azizah, Fitra ( Sriwijaya University )

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02 Mar 2014


The activity of rubbish transportation in Palembang is one of the applications of Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP) in transporting rubbish in Sako Palembang by applying preprocessing and probing techniques to obtain simplest OCVRP model. The solution is conducted by using LINDO software. The results show that the optimal routes in Sukarami before and after applying the tehniques are the same routes. In addition, we obtain the reduction of constraints and variables, the reduction of iteration numbers and the optimal value did not change.

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