Kesmas The National Journal of Public Health
Vol. 1 No. 4 February 2007

Determinan Pemilihan Tempat Persalinan di Kabupaten Cirebon Tahun 2004

Adipriati, Deti ( Puskesmas Jambe Tangerang )

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24 Dec 2013


More than 90% of maternal death is caused by obstetric complications, which are often unpredictable during pregnancy. In general, maternal death and newborn morbidity are caused by failure to overcome delivery complication. Most of the complication happened at the moment or around delivery. SDKI 2003 reported that 9% birth were delivered in public facilities, 31% were delivered in private health facilities and 59% were still delivered at home. Birth delivery at home with not well-developed referral system has great influence on mother and newborn lives. The objective of this study is to identify factors that influence selection of delivery place in Cirebon district in 2004 using cross-sectional design among 447 respondents living in 29 villages in Cirebon District. The analysis used is logistic regression using prediction modeling. The results indicate that mother with low education has chance to opt for delivery at home 2,94 times higher than mother with high education level (OR = 2,94 95 % CI 1,764-4,890) after controlled by mother’s knowledge on health problem at birth and economic status. The study concludes that delivery place selection is influenced by mother’s education, mother’s knowledge on health problem at birth and economic status. Key words: Delivery place selection, mother’s knowledge on health problem, economic status

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