Jurnal Manajemen Pelayanan Kesehatan
Vol 15, No 02 (2012)


Purnamanita, Purnamanita (Unknown)

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18 Jun 2012


Background: The Community Eye Medical Clinic (CEMC) as aspecialized eye hospital has been using the service performanceindicators for outpatient visits and financial indicators.However, non-financial performance indicators were not yetassessed.Objectives: To analyze performance of CEMC with the BalancedScorecard (BSC) perspectives (customer’s perspective,internal process perspective, learning and growth perspectiveand financial perspective), and its interrelation amongeach perspective, to identify the potentials and the developmentplans of CEMC in MakassarMethods: This was an explanatory research employing aqualitative approach. Samples were selected using a purposivesampling tehnique to include 100 respondents for thecustomer performance and 43 respondents for employee performance.The data were analysed descriptively.Results: Applying BSC, performance of CEMC is 51.00% andthis belongs to the category of less healthy. The interrelationof each pespective starts with training to improve staff capacity.Along with use of information technology and financialperspective, this will improve staff productivity in the learningand growth perspectives. Staff satisfaction will improve thetechnical quality related to the internal standard. This will leadto increased number of visits and number of surgeries. Staffcommitment and capacity, increased of service velocity anddevelopment of customer capital are potential to be improved.The development plan includes making the performance basedon the reward system, the value creation process for customersand the development of the customer capital. The developmentplans focuses on increased staff commitment and capacity(learning and growth perspective), improvement processthrough reengineering and development of customer capitalthrough service attributes, relationship and image building.Conclusion: Using BSC, we found a mismatch between highcustomer satisfaction with low internal satisfaction. The managementshould improve the reward based on remunerationsystem, transparency on training opportunities to staff, anddevelop integrated planning.Keywords: balanced scorecard, performance achievement,the community eye medical clinics

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