Jurnal Manajemen Pelayanan Kesehatan
Vol 14, No 01 (2011)


Maharani, Asri (Unknown)

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11 Dec 2013


Background: The willingness to pay of society for theproducts of laboratory services as one of the healthprecautions need to be improved. Ownership of healthinsurance is one factor that wants to study its effect onwillingness to pay for laboratory services because healthinsurance is expected to have a society can allocate funds forpreventive healthObjective: The purpose of this study is to determine the effectof health insurance ownership of willingness to pay forlaboratory services.Methods: A cross sectional study design using the 100respondents who were taken proportionally from eight selecteddistricts in Banyuwangi. Variables that were examined includethe willingness to pay as measured by the method of contingentvaluation and ownership of health insurance. The datacollection tool is a questionnaire. Data were analyzed usinglogistic regression.Results: The results showed that the level of willingness topay of respondents for all types of laboratory examinations isstill low. Most respondents (76%) did not have health insurance.Only about 50% of respondents who do not have healthinsurance are willing to pay for laboratory examination.Respondents who have health insurance tend to want to payfor laboratory services. From 24 respondents who have healthinsurance, more than 50% of respondents (15 respondents)were willing to pay for laboratory services. The ownership ofhealth insurance of respondents did not significantly affectthe willingness to pay for laboratory examination product(sig. = 0.287, B =- 0.511). This may be due to the BanyuwangiRegency society has not so familiar with health insurance andstill less has it, so most of the out-of-pocket payments.Conclusion: The ownership of health insurance respondentsdid not significantly affect the willingness to pay for productslaboratory examination. It is need to introduce more productslaboratory services and health insurance benefits to theBanyuwangi community.Keywords: willingness to pay, laboratory services, ownershipof health insurance

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