Diponegoro Journal of Management
Volume 4, Nomor 1, Tahun 2015

PENGARUH KEUNGGULAN BERSAING MELALUI KINERJA BISNIS (Studi Kasus Warung Makan Di Wilayah Tlogosari Semarang)

Prasidya Jati, Gilang Prasidya Jati (Unknown)
Sugiarto, Sugiarto (Unknown)

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28 May 2015


This research was conducted at the Public Eating In Semarang Tlogosari Regional Culinary Center . Data revenue at a food stall in 2013-2014 showed that the decrease in total revenues despite consumer food stalls Tlogosari Region increase every year . This study aimed to analyze whether there is connection between the diversity of products , quality products with business performance at a food stall in the area Tlogosari Semarang , and whether business performance diner Tlogosari Semarang can affect the competitive advantage of the food stalls in the area Tlogosari itself .               The research sample 70 , the types and sources of data from the owner of the diner , method of data collection questionnaire distributed to respondents , as well as the methods of analysis used in this study multiple linear regression method .            The results of this study , the effect of product diversity and quality of the products on competitive advantage that impact on business performance in the diner at the Culinary Center in Region Tlogosari . And advice in this research is variable product quality and product diversity is a good variable to increase competitive advantage .

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Decision Sciences, Operations Research & Management


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