Jurnal Nosel
Vol 2, No 1 (2013): July


Darsono, Darsono

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30 Apr 2013


The purpose of this study was to (1) Studying the effect of adding the powder dry cellmarks the porosity defects result from remelting of Al-Si piston waste scrap, (2) Study theeffect of adding the powder dry cell marks of violence result from remelting of Al-Si pistonwaste scrap, (3) Study the percentage improvement in dry powder degasser cell as analternative to get the product to the remelting of Al-Si piston material defects former withminimal porosity.This study used an experimental method that uses a single independentvariable factors (variations addition of powdered dry cell) and two-factor variable (porosityand hardness). Objects in this study using the results of remelting of Al-Si piston waste exwith Si content of 9%. Data analysis techniques in this study using descriptive data analysis.Input parameters in analyzing the data include: the addition of  powdered dry cell variation(0%, 0.10%, 0.15%, 0.20%, and 0.30%), porosity test, photo macro structure, and violence.In this study, the addition of the powder has not found the percentage of used dry celloptimized to minimize porosity. The results showed that the remelting of Al-Si piston formerwaste occurs at 0.6909% porosity. Gas porosity increasing as a percentage of dry cellpowder was increased to 0.30 wt% Al. Highest porosity occurs in the addition of the formerpowder dry cell weight as much as 0.30% Al with porosity of 1.6226%. Based on thestructure of the macro picture shows a pore porosity. Gas porosity is caused by H2O gas. Inthe former there is a dry cell powder elements as much as 4.85 wt% H2O. Former cell drypowder only serves as hygroscopic moisture flux which acts as a binder impurities into slag.Visual condition of the specimen shows the addition of a former dry cell powders affect thecleanliness of the molten metal slag (slag) so that the surface becomes smooth look. Formerdry cell powder affect the increased hardness value. Hardness value increases with theaddition of powdered dry cell percentage of the weight of the former al. The increaseaveraged 6.21%. This is because the elements of C as much as 2.76% by weight in the d rycell powder.

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