Vol 6, No 1: May 2019

Gender differences on positive politeness in instagram comments

Sholikhatin, Arini Dwi (Unknown)
Indah, Rohmani Nur (Unknown)

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Publish Date
26 Sep 2019


This study is to identify the positive politeness of responses from men and women in responding to Bill Gates' caption on Instagram. It used a descriptive qualitative approach to explain the kind of positive politeness strategy applied. The data were in the form of positive utterances written by men and women in column comments in Bill Gates Instagram account analyzed using Brown and Levinson’s theory of politeness. The data were collected on February 21, 2019, involving positive comments. The results show two points. First, not all of the fifteen strategies of positive politeness appear. The strategy of noticing or attending to one’s interests and needs ranked the highest for the category of the most often appearing strategy used by men and women. The men’s comments tend to employ the strategy of joking about putting the hearer at ease and strategy of offering, promising.  Whereas, the dominant positive politeness strategy used by women are noticing, attending to the hearer’s interests, wants, needs, or goods. 

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