Criksetra: Jurnal Pendidikan Sejarah
Vol 5, No 1 (2016)


Andriati, Yeni (Unknown)
Susanti, LR Retno (Unknown)
76, Hudaidah (Unknown)

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08 Feb 2016


This study is to develop a teaching medium on history using Powtoon Based Audiovisual media applied by Macromedia Flash 8 for Senior High School students and using material in the Battle of Bandung (March 23, 1946). The method used was the development research method (Research Development), the selected design was the Hannafin and Peck development model . The steps of development wer (1) Needs Analysis, (2) Stage Design, and (3) stages of development and implementation (Arini, 2014). Validity and media of learning assessed by three expert teams, materials expert, design expert or plan learning device, and media experts. 4.32 validity of the material was in category of very valid, 4.00 designs included in the category valid, and 3.70 the media were included in the category valid. Development research has been done by tried out on IPS2 XI grade in SMA 13 Palembang, the potential effects of media use can be seen from students' achievment. Overall, the means of pretest was 48.7 to the unfavorable category and then the means of postest was 84.7 in favor categories. there was 35.6% increasing and gain scores was 0.69, 0.69 > 0.7 so it wasincluded in the medium category. These results indicate that the use of audiovisual media Powtoon Based on the subjects of history have been successfully applied as seen from the potential effects of the students' learning achievement. Keywords : Powtoon AudiovisualMedia Based, Macromedia Flash 8 , Research Development , Hannafin and Peck , and Potential Effect

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Humanities Languange, Linguistic, Communication & Media Social Sciences


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