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Environmental Quality Analysis as An Environmental Restoration Evaluation Effor in Jajang Village River Basin District Poncokusumo Malang Anam, Choirul; Oktaviona, Lupita; Argus, Argus; Retnaningdyah, Catur; Hakim, Luchman
Plant and Animal Research Journal Vol 1 No 2 (2018): Volume 1 Issue 2

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This study aims to determine the environmental quality of the watershed based on benthic macroinvertebrate community structure and riparian vegetation. Benthic macroinvertebrate sampling was conducted at two stations located in Jajang Dusun River. Each station is sampled at three different points each of ± 100 individuals. While the riparian vegetation takes place on the right and left of the river. The samples were identified and then determined the structure of the community which consisted of the abundance (K) and frequency (F) and performed further analysis by finding relative abundance (KR), relative frequency (FR), Importance Value Index (INP), Shanon-Wiener Diversity Index H). Riparian vegetation was analyzed by Taksa Richness (TR) and Eveness Index (E). Analysis of physiochemical data was done by measuring pH, conductivity, turbidity and temperature at each point. Based on vegetation analysis, station 1 has abundant riparian diversity with value of H, TR and E are much higher than station 2. It is also supported by benthic macroinvertebrate analysis which has important value index value, H and TR higher than station 2 and lower ID value. While the measurement of abiotic factors on both stations is quite balanced. Based on these results, although the quality of the two sites is good, there is a decrease in station 2 due to sand mining activities that affect station quality 2 and reduced riparian vegetation so that the absorption of pollutants becomes more reduced.