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Amri, Khabib Saiful

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ANALISIS KELAYAKAN USAHA AYAM BROILER POLA KEMITRAAN INTI-PLASMA (Studi Kasus Peternak Plasma PT. Mustika di Kecamatan Boja Kabupaten Kendal) Amri, Khabib Saiful; Wahyuningsih, Sri; Subekti, Endah
MEDIAGRO Vol 13, No 2 (2017)
Publisher : MEDIAGRO

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This study aims to analyze the broiler chicken farm partnership scheme in plasma farmer of PT Mustika, knowing maintenance management, revenue, the value of Gross  Benefit Cost Ratio ( Gross B/C) and Break Even Point (BEP). The method of determining the area of research done intentionally (purposive). The sampling method using census respondents, with number of respondents 12 plasma farmers.  The results showed that a partnership formed by PT Mustikawith farmers is a method PIR (Perusahaan Inti Rakyat) because it is very beneficial for partnership plasma farmer  in terms of capital, while the core company was benefited because they can sell the product in the form of livestock production facilities and coaching in business management to marketing. BEP unit value is 6,561.61 kilograms, the average production of farmer 7,269 kilogram BEP (Rp) as big as Rp 15,086 / kg average sales breeder Rp 16,712 / kg,it indicates that chicken broiler busines in plasma PT Mustika livestock reached of BEP value unit and BEP value price. Gross B/C value of broiler chicken farming is 1.11.  Based on income analysis, BEP calculation, Gross B/C, it can be concluded that broiler chicken farming plasma PT Mustika in Boja District Kendal Regency is profitable and worth the effort.Keywords :Business Analysis,  Income, Broiler, Partnership