Bakhris, Vera Dewiana
Masyarakat Iktiologi Indonesia (MII )

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ASPEK REPRODUKSI IKAN MOTAN {Thynnichthys polylepis Bleeker, 1860) DI RAWA BANJIRAN SUNGAI KAMPAR KIRI, RIAU [Reproductive aspects of Thynnichthys polylepis Bleeker, 1860 in floodplain river of Kampar Kiri, Riau]

Jurnal Iktiologi Indonesia Vol 7, No 2 (2007): Desember 2007
Publisher : Masyarakat Iktiologi Indonesia (MII )

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Motan, Thynnichthys polylepis is one of fish fauna in floodplain, Kampar Kiri River. The research was done from Juni until December 2005, was aiming to describe information on reproductive aspects of motan fishes i.e. sex ratio, gonado somatic index, gonado somatic stages, first size of maturity, fecundity, and egg diameters. Total samples were 479 individuals, consisted of 251 males and 228 females. The spawning seasons was on September-December. Fecundity ranged 718-27.636 eggs from 107 individual females. Spawning pattern was total spawner.