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Pengetahuan pemilik anjing di kota malang terhadap penyakit zoonosis Noviatri, Aldila; Vidiastuti, Dian; Fauzi, Ahmad; Lesmana, Muhammad Arfan
ARSHI Veterinary Letters Vol 3, No 1 (2019): ARSHI Veterinary Letters - Februari 2019
Publisher : Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Bogor Agricultural University

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Anjing merupakan salah satu hewan kesayangan yang dapat menularkan penyakit zoonosis kepada manusia. Pengetahuan pemilik anjing peliharaan akan pencegahan penularan penyakit zoonosis diperlukan agar dapat menurunkan tingkat kejadian penularan penyakit zoonosis dari anjing ke manusia. Studi ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui tingkat pengetahuan dan kesadaran pemilik anjing tentang penyakit zoonosis dan pencegahan penularan penyakit zoonosis dari anjing manusia di Kota Malang. Sebagian besar pemilik anjing di Kota Malang telah mengetahui jenis penyakit zoonosis yang ditularkan oleh anjing ke manusia, dan sebagian besar telah menerapkan cara pencegahan penularan penyakit tersebut. Sebagian besar pemilik hewan telah menerapkan vaksinasi sebagai tindakan pencegahan kejadian penyakit pada anjing.
WAAC-4 Series of Medical Examination as an Initial Phase of Rehabilitation Program in Lutung Jawa Conservation Titisari, Nurina; Fauzi, Ahmad; Noviatri, Aldila; Vidiastuti, Dian; Masnur, Ida; Kurniawan, Iwan
Hemera Zoa Proceedings of the 20th FAVA & the 15th KIVNAS PDHI 2018
Publisher : Hemera Zoa

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Javan Langur Center (JLC) is a rehabilitation center that located in coban talun, Batu, East Java. It is a part of the Javan Primate Project.  The main activity is treating, training behavioral and also habituation and forest classes (soft release) by placing the animal in habituation cage at certain period of time (1). The habituation cage consists of 3 cages namely treatment, quarantine and socialization. But before sending the animal to the cage, it must be free of disease before grouped with other Lutung Jawa. For this reason, a series of medical examination process is conducted. Healthy animals will be sent to habituation cages for intensive training and adaptation in the forest. While the sick animals will undergo the process of therapy and treatment at the treatment cage. This medical examination is an important initial step to determine the next rehabilitation action so it is necessary to perform the procedure appropriately.The purpose of this study was understanding the series of medical examination activities conducted at the JLC rehabilitation center and also aware of the Lutung Jawa physiology status in the time medical examination was held.