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Testes and body weight alteration related cardamom extract administration in mice Hartady, Tyagita; Praditha, Arvia Nisrina; Faza, Nabila Ayu; Widyastuti, Rini
ARSHI Veterinary Letters Vol 3, No 1 (2019): ARSHI Veterinary Letters - Februari 2019
Publisher : Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Bogor Agricultural University

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Cardamom is known as a plant with millions of benefits and it is known to contain aphrodisiac substances. The role of cardamom as an aphrodisiac need to be studied more deeply from the scientific point of view. The experimental object is a 3-month-old male white mice (Mus musculus albinus) with an average weight of about 30-35 grams. After being acclimatized for approximately 2 weeks, 35 mice were divided into 3 groups based on the dose of cardamom extract. At the end of the experiment, the mice will be sacrificed and then the testes were weighed and cauda epididymis were isolated to collect the sperm. Our findings suggested that the dose of administration has important role in affecting the weight of testes and bodies of mice. However, further studies on sperm profiles and optimal administration doses of cardamom extract are highly recommended.
AW-1 Animal Welfare in Indonesian Traditional Dairy Goat Farmer, Field Study in Cilengkrang, Cimalaka District, Sumedang Regency Hartady, Tyagita; Faza, Nabila Ayu; Praditha, Arvia Nisrina
Hemera Zoa Proceedings of the 20th FAVA & the 15th KIVNAS PDHI 2018
Publisher : Hemera Zoa

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For people in Cilengkrang Village, Cimalaka District, Sumedang Regency, dairy goats are a living investment that can be used as future assets. Although not as the main livelihood, raising livestock is done directly by the residents with the provision of knowledge about raising goat from the local breeders group, Simpay Tampomas. Milk produced is then sold and some were consumed by humans.With traditional maintenance methods, it is not surprising that family involvement in management is high (Yunita et al., 2017). The majority of farmers rely on personal and senior experience in overcoming their livestock problems (Hartady and Widyastuti, 2018).Welfare is not absolutely necessary for humans alone. As creatures of God Almighty, farm animals also have the same rights to be treated wisely by humans. Animal welfare is closely related to the health of animals and the welfare animal automatically will be productive as well, which in the end animal-source food can be guaranteed safe for human consumption. For information, animal welfare is a new priority trend for the 2001 International Strategic Plan for the World Animal Health Office (OIE) (Daldiri, 2017).However, not all farmers understand the background and application of animal welfare. Various factors such as educational background, financial condition, limited space for cages and access to up-date information about farming, etc are a barrier for dairy goat farmers to apply animal welfare principles to their farm.