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Kusumaningtyas, Atika Nur
Pusat Penelitian Politik
Perempuan Kepala Daerah Dalam Jejaring Oligarki Lokal

Jurnal Penelitian Politik Vol 14, No 2 (2017): Demokrasi, HAM dan Militer
Publisher : Pusat Penelitian Politik

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Abstract Familial ties is one of the influential factors behind the rise of female local leaders. By using qualitative method this study examined two female local leaders namely Airin Rachmi Diany in Tangerang Selatan and Anna Sophanah in Indramayu, who have emerged by means of familial ties factor. It focuses to reveal the socio-political, economic and historical features that have facilitated their political rise. Additional data was obtained through questionnaires in order to evaluate their performance in enhancing local democratization, including commitment on practical gender interests. This study reveals that the female local leaders, who come from strong familial ties background, are actually part of local oligarch. As consequences, they experienced difficulties in maintaining independency to the local oligarch, which resulted in weak performance to enhance local democratization, as well as, practical gender interests in the region.  Keywords: female local leader, familial ties, local democratization, practical gender interest.

Modal, Strategi dan Jaringan Perempuan Politisi dalam Kandidasi Pilkada Langsung

Jurnal Penelitian Politik Vol 15, No 2 (2018): Konstelasi Politik di Tahun Elektoral
Publisher : Pusat Penelitian Politik

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Abstract This research specifically highlights importancy of the candidation stage especially through political party channels, as strategic entry point that must be passed by female politician to compete in direct local elections. Through an in-depth analysis of the two female politicians in Grobogan and East Lampung, this research underlines the importance of three things: capital in the form of individual and social capital, strategies, and networks that politicians must have and be able to play to be nominated in direct local elections.keywords : capital, strategic, candidation, local election