Widayanti, Linda Prasetyaning
State Islamic University of Sunan Ampel

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Jurnal Ilmu Kesehatan dan Kesehatan Vol 2 No 1 (2018): FEBRUARY
Publisher : UNUSA Press

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Abstrak: Adanya mutu pelayanan yang sesuai dengan harapan pasien pasti membuahkan dampakpositif dalam keberlangsungan penyelenggaraan Klinik UINSA. Berdasarkan paparan di atas, makapenelitian ini bertujuan untuk menyurvei tingkat kepuasan pasien di Klinik UINSA. Penelitian inimerupakan penelitian yang bersifat survei. Sedangkan dari segi waktu, maka penelitian ini bersifatCross Sectional. Populasi penelitian ini adalah seluruh pasien Klinik UINSA periode bulan Mei2017. Sampling dilakukan dengan incidental sampling. Diperoleh sampel sebesar 30 pasien. Teknikpengambilan data dengan kuesioner. Hasil pengumpulan data disajikan dengan tabel distribusifrekuensi berupa grafik atau diagram. Hasil survey didapatkan bahwa karakteristik pasien 87%berusia kurang dari 20 tahun, 70% berjenis kelamin perempuan, 73% puas terhadap pelayananpetugas klinik, 87% puas terhadap pelayanan dokter klinik, 82% puas terhadap lama waktu registrasidi klinik, 73% puas terhadap lama waktu pelayanan apotek klinik, 90% puas terhadap kebersihanklinik. Diharapkan penelitian ini bisa dikembangkan oleh peneliti selanjutnya agar mutu pelayanandi Klinik UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya bisa lebih baik.
Patient Satisfaction on The Health Services: A Descriptive Study at UIN Sunan Ampel’s Clinic Widayanti, Linda Prasetyaning; Lusiana, Nova; Kusumawati, Estri
Journal of Health Science and Prevention Vol 2 No 1 (2018): JHSP Vol 2 No 1 - 2018
Publisher : State Islamic University of Sunan Ampel

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The existence of service quality that convenient with patient’s expectations would have a positive impact for the continuity of UIN Sunan Ampel’s clinic. Based on it, this research aimed to observed the level of patient satisfaction at UIN Sunan Ampel’s clinic and conducted with a Cross Sectional approach. The population of this study were all patients of UIN Sunan’s Clinic during May 2017. Sampling was collected by an incidental sampling. with 30 patients acted as respondents. The data was taken by questioner. The results of data collection were presented with frequency distribution tables in the form of graphs or diagrams. The survey results showed that the characteristics of the patient were 87% less than 20 years old, 70% female, 73% satisfied with clinical service, 87% satisfied with clinic service, 82% satisfied with the registration time at the clinic, 73% long service time of clinic pharmacy, 90% satisfied with clinical hygiene. It was expected that this research can be developed by further researchers for the better service quality at UIN Sunan Ampel’s clinic.
The Correlations Between Student’s HIV/AIDS Knowledge and Their Attitude toward PLWHA Widayanti, Linda Prasetyaning; Hidayati, Sri; Lusiana, Nova; Ratodi, Muhamad
Journal of Health Science and Prevention Vol 2 No 2 (2018): JHSP Vol 2 No 2 - 2018
Publisher : State Islamic University of Sunan Ampel

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HIV/AIDS has become a burden for health in with it sufferers has reached 39 million worldwide. Around 620 thousand PLWHA has been identified all over Indonesia, with Surabaya has been listed among the top five cities with the highest number of HIV / AIDS cases in Indonesia.  This study was to determine the correlations between the HIV / AIDS knowledge with the Surabaya college student’s attitude towards PLWHA. This study was observational analytic research with cross-sectional approach. A proportional sampling chose as the research sampling technique, with 250 college students became the respondents. Data were collected from the results of filling out the online questionnaire. A Contingency Phi was used to perform a statistical test. The results indicated only 41.6% of respondents had a good knowledge level about HIV/AIDS,  while 77% of the students have already shown a positive attitude towards PLWHA. Furthermore, it is known that there was a relationship between students' knowledge regarding HIV / AIDS and their attitude towards PLWHA with a p-value of 0,000. From these results, it is expected that there will be an HIV/AIDS socialization for college students to increase a more comprehensive knowledge about HIV/AIDS and PLWHA.