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Pengaruh Model Pembelajaran Kooperatif Tipe Snowball Throwing terhadap Hasil Belajar Matematika Choiriyah, Royati; Khair, Asmaul; Mugiadi, Mugiadi
Jurnal Pedagogik Vol 5, No 3 (2017): Jurnal Pedagogi
Publisher : Jurnal Pedagogik

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The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of cooperative learning model snowball throwing towards mathematics learning outcomes. This research is an experimental research. The study design used is non-equivalent control group design. Data collected by the testing techniques in the form of multiple choice questions. Data were analyzed using independent sample t-test with the help of the program Statistical Product and Service Solutions (SPSS). The results showed that the cooperative learning model can affect the results of snowball throwing learn math.Tujuan penelitian ini adalah untuk mengetahui pengaruh model pembelajaran kooperatif tipe snowball throwing terhadap hasil belajar matematika. Jenis penelitian ini adalah penelitian eksperimen. Desain penelitian yang digunakan yaitu non equivalent control group design. Teknik pengumpulan data dilakukan dengan teknik tes berupa soal pilihan jamak. Data yang diperoleh dianalisis menggunakan independent sample t-test dengan bantuan program Statistical Product and Service Solutions (SPSS). Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa model pembelajaran kooperatif tipe snowball throwing dapat mempengaruhi hasil belajar matematika.Kata kunci: snowball throwing, hasil belajar, matematika.