Endah, Nafi Yuliana
Department of Family and Consumer Sciences, Faculty of Human Ecology, Bogor Agricultural University

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The Effect of Family Function and Conflict on Family Subjective Well-being with Migrant Husband Herawati, Tin; Endah, Nafi Yuliana
Journal of Family Sciences Vol 1, No 2 (2016): Journal of Family Sciences
Publisher : Department of Family and Consumer Sciences, Bogor Agricultural University

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Poverty, limited employment opportunities, and low rate of labor wage cause couples undergo long distance married because the husband has to work far from the house. This gives impact to family subjective well-being so that the family need to role a family function in order to minimize conflicts. This research aimed to analyze the effect of family function and conflict on family subjective well-being with migrant husband. There were 60 samples in  this research which consisted of family with migrant husband teenager children (12-17 years old) in Banyuresmi village, Garut. The wife was the respondent of this research. The sampling technique used here was nonprobability sampling method with form purposive sampling. The data were collected by interviewing the respondents using a questionnaire. The results showed that most of the samples were categorized into families which had good family function, moderate family conflict, and moderate family subjective well-being. Family function affect  significantly positive to family subjective well-being. Parental-teenagers conflict affect significantly negative to family subjective well-being.