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Nature : National Academic Journal of Architecture Vol 1, No 1 (2014): Nature
Publisher : Jurusan Arsitektur uin alauddin makassar

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Sudiang sports center is one of the architectural masterpiece that is purposedly built to be used optimal by the local society, but thee reality is far from what is expected. Next problem is many street vendors who sell around the gymnasium building and road shoulders so that the building is supposed to be a place to exercise converted into a sale and purchase. The author tries ries to analyze and provide solutions through revitalization plan as a sports center attaractions based community efforts to address the problem. Through this research will be know apperenciation of the local society on the plan and will be know the factors cousing problem arise, trough a questionnaire which contains several points and sub questions that are  considerd related to the issue above the level of public enthusiasm and response plan as well as an opportunity to serve as a tourist destination. Then the data will be processed by presented using MS Excel based as the highest answer and lowets voting, the reslts of research state that the dominant factor that couses people rarel visit was the lack of free time due to the business of the work and the generally public to respond and respond positively on a revitalization plan. Therefor the relevant stakeholders such as the such as the society is expented to be more enthusiastic about building of Sudiang sports center as better an for the manager of the building with geverment in order to improve the quality of service and wise in making decisions in terms of regulating street vendors. 


Nature : National Academic Journal of Architecture Vol 4, No 2 (2017): Nature
Publisher : Jurusan Arsitektur uin alauddin makassar

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Abstrak_ Kawasan  Asrama  Haji  Makassar  merupakan  kompleks  kegiatan  keagamaan  di  mana  di  tempat  ini adalah tempat embarkasi dan debarkasi bagi para calon haji sebelum di berangkatkan ke tanah suci, selain itu kawasan asrama haji ini terbuka untuk masyarakat umum baik untuk kegiatan pelatihan maupun kegiatan wisata religi. Dimana didalamnya terdapat kegiatan pendidikan berbasis agama islam. Sedangkan konsep perancangan bentuk bangunan pada kawasan asrama haji Makassar.akan dibuat nantinya berdasarkan dari transformasi sebuah bentuk dasar persegi yang akan diolah sesederhana mungkin. Hal ini dimaksud untuk menguatkan aspek kesederhanaan yang ada pada tema.Kata Kunci: Kawasan Asrama Haji, MakassarAbstract_ Asrama Haji Makassar is a complex of religious activities where in this place is a place of embarkation and debarkation for the prospective hajj before departing to the holy land, on other hand, this area is opened to the general public both for training activities and religious tourism activities. Where in it there are activities based on Islamic religious education. While the concept of designing the form of buildings on the Asrama Haji of Makassar,Itself will be made later based on the transformation of a square base shape that  be processed as simply as possible. This is intended to strengthen the simplicity aspects of the theme.Keywords: Asrama Haji Area ; Makassar