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Pembelajaran Berbasis Masalah dengan Strategi Metakognitif dalam Meningkatkan Kemampuan Pemecahan Masalah Matematis Ferdianto, Ferdianto; Caswita, Caswita; Asnawati, Rini
Publisher : Universitas Lampung

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This quasi experimental research aimed to find out the effectiveness of problem based learning with metacognitive strategy in increasing students mathematical problem solving abilities. The population of this research was all students of grade VIII of Junior High School of Global Madani Bandar Lampung in academic year of 2017/2018 as much as 95 students that were distributed into 4 classes. The sampling was done by cluster random sampling technique and it was chosen students of VIII-2 and VIII-4 as samples. The design which was used in this research was the static-group pretest-posttest design. The data analysis which was used was chi-square test and test. The results of research showed that the increasing of students mathematical problem solving ability using PBL model with metacognitive strategy was not high enough. It indicated that PBL model with metacognitive strategy wasnt effective to increase students problem solving ability.Penelitian eksperimen semu ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui efektivitas pembelajaran berbasis masalah dengan strategi metakognitif dalam meningkatkan kemampuan pemecahan masalah matematis siswa. Populasi penelitian ini adalah seluruh siswa kelas VIII SMP Global Madani Bandar Lampung tahun pelajaran 2017/2018 sebanyak 95 siswa yang terdistribusi dalam empat kelas. Pengambilan sampel dilakukan dengan teknik cluster random sampling dan terpilih siswa pada kelas VIII-2 dan VIII-4 sebagai sampel. Desain yang digunakan adalah the static-group pretest-posttest design. Analisis data yang digunakan adalah uji chi-kuadrat dan uji . Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa peningkatan kemampuan pemecahan masalah matematis siswa yang menggunakan model PBL dengan strategi metakognitif tidak tergolong tinggi. Dengan demikian, model PBL dengan strategi metakognitif tidak efektif untuk meningkatkan kemampuan pemecahan masalah matematis siswa.Kata kunci: pemecahan masalah matematis, strategi, metakognitif
Analisis dan Perancangan Aplikasi Berbasis Web E-Procurement di PT Pillar Utama Contrindo Kurniali, Sartika; Rudy, Rudy; Wijoyo, Alex Chandra; Ferdianto, Ferdianto; Wendy, Wendy
ComTech: Computer, Mathematics and Engineering Applications Vol 3, No 2 (2012): ComTech
Publisher : Bina Nusantara University

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The aim of this research is to analyze the current business process at the procurement department at PT Pillar Utama Contrindo as well as develop a web based e-procurement application prototype to supportprocurement process at the company. Interview, survey, as well as analysis and design to develop the prototype are used in the research. The research results in an e-procurement application prototype built to minimize errors on related document filling, help the company to get best price on their supply, and increase control. It can be concluded from the research that the protoype can be implemented to be a tool for the users to decide the best supplier, obtain the best price, and increase control in buying process at PT Pillar Utama Contrindo.