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Yusri, Yusnimar
Program Pascasarjana Universitas Islam Negeri Sultan Syarif Kasim Riau

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AL-FIKRA Vol 12, No 1 (2013): Al-Fikra
Publisher : Program Pascasarjana Universitas Islam Negeri Sultan Syarif Kasim Riau

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Learning strategy as each activity, well procedure, stage and also method and tech that is chosen to be able to gives amenity, facility, and help othering to student in achieving aim instruksional. Marginally, in adult education most importantly is participant experience be taught. Each participant educativing to have experience that variably as consequence of life background at its a tender age. Becoming her long time lives, becoming pile experience that she has, and gets variably too its experience. Studying just can did by anyone, well children and also adult man. Important aspect in education that get attention is education concept for adult. Education or learning effort on adult requires approaching and special strategy and have strength grapple will theory concept that is gone upon on assumption or adult grasp as participant is taught. By use of this theory, activity or adult learning effort in sekeletal development or idealistical attainment realization education for life (long life education) can be gotten by teoritiks concept support or answerable technology purpose. Formulated adult education as a process that menumbuhkan makes mouth water to ask and studying on an ongoing basis along life. Studying for adult is engaged how lead thyself for asks and look for its answer. oangs education full age (andragogy) in contrast to children education (paedagogy). Children education happens in form identifies and imitation, meanwhile adult education happens in guidance form thyself to solve problem