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Perspektif Vol 14, No 1 (2016): MARET 2016
Publisher :

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New admissions is an essential part of the school to be recognized or selected by parents in order to enroll their children at the school. Various ways of promotion every year is always done to make it more known by parents and prospective students themselves in choosing schools that match their interests and skills possessed by prospective students in the school department contained. Originally a school just introduced their schools offline either using banners or promotions of students who are already attending the school without the help of technology that can be used by parents, but the use of the internet is now enabling everyone to be able to search for information quickly and efficiently without wasting time in getting the desired information, that's what made the design of new admissions online. In this system all of which related to the procedures of registration, majors available, fees based on the subject as well as the orientation of learners can be determined directly by parents and prospective students who will enroll at the school. Prospective students can also provide information relating to personal order to complete the personal details of prospective students before the new admissions process is done so that the data - the data provided can be used for new admissions process to the next stage. While using the website easier for administrators to manage data related to prospective students and to update the information relating to schools ranging from registration procedure, facility, fees and registration statements relating to new admissions. By using the internet and website are expected to facilitate the prospective student registration, more efficient and more affordable to the general public Keyword : System design, enrollment, website
Penerapan Metode Waterfall Dalam Sistem Informasi Pembuatan Surat Rekomendasi BPJS Kelas III Aria, Ririn Restu; Rosdiana, Annisa Nur
J-SAKTI (Jurnal Sains Komputer dan Informatika) Vol 3, No 2 (2019): EDISI SEPTEMBER
Publisher : STIKOM Tunas Bangsa Pematangsiantar

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BPJS health is a social security organizer that organizes health insurance for the community. One of the most important activities is the preparation of a BPJS recommendation letter for class three which is managed by the Bogor City Social Service. To make a recommendation letter, the applicant must submit the letter to the service department and must be approved in advance by the head of the social service office. so that letter-writing services can run quickly and effectively, applications must be made available that make it easy for the head of the office to see and approve the existing application letter. In this study the method used is the waterfall so that it can understand the overall problem and produce applications that suit the needs of users. The purpose of this study is to provide convenience for the applicant, the service department and the head of the office in the process of submitting a BPJS recommendation letter and approval made in the proposed recommendation letter.
Publisher : AMIK BSI Jakarta

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Abstrak  –  Museum Sejarah Jakarta merupakan salah satu sumber informasi mengenai perkembangan atau perjalanan kota jakarta, rendahnya minat masyarakat terhadap informasi Museum Sejarah Jakarta yang berhubungan dengan sejarah-sejarah jakarta, dikarenakan informasi di Museum Sejarah Jakarta masih menggunakan sejenis poster ataupun baner, sehingga masyarakat merasa cepat bosan karena dengan metode tersebut dianggap kurang efisien dan kurang menarik. Adapun metode pengumpulan data yang digunakan adalah dengan cara observasi, wawancara dan studi pustaka sedangkan metode pengembangan sistem menggunakan waterfall dengan tahapan analisa kebutuhan sistem, desain pembuatan kode program, pengujian dan pendukung. Media informasi sejarah untuk pengunjung ini diharapkan dapat memberikan fitur-fitur lebih seperti peragaan secara langsung, materi yang lebih detil, dan terkesan menyenangkan. Animasi merupakan teknologi yang dapat digunakan untuk berbagai keperluan, salah satunya adalah media Animasi Pengenalan Sejarah Jakarta Pada Museum Sejarah Jakarta yang dapat digunakan oleh pengunjung. Penggunaan media ini dalam proses informasi dapat memotivasi pengunjung dan meningkatkan pengetahuan dan dapat menarik simpati pengunjung untuk membaca informasi sejarah.Kata Kunci : Animasi, Museum Sejarah Jakarta, Multimedia Interaktif
Jurnal Techno Nusa Mandiri Vol 16 No 1 (2019): TECHNO Periode Maret 2019
Publisher : PPPM Nusa Mandiri

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The Weighted Product method requires a normalization process because this method assumes the results of evaluating each attribute. The results of these multiplications have not been meaningful if they have not been compared (divided) with standard values. The weight for the benefit attribute functions as a positive power in the multiplication process, while the weight of the cost functions as a negative rank. The Weighted Product method uses multiplication as a linking attribute rating, where the rating of each attribute must be raised first with the corresponding weight. Weighting Product Weighted method is calculated based on the level of importance. This system requires input weight values based on prospective buyers' needs in the form of prices, RAM capacity, processor type, Harddisk capacity, and VGA (Video Graphics Array). The results of this study provide laptop recommendations according to specification requirements for prospective buyers with 100% calculation accuracy based on manual calculations and calculations on laptop selection decision support systems.
Perancangan Program Peminjaman Dan Pengembalian Buku Pada Perpustakaan (Studi Kasus Smp Pgri 1 Cibinong) Sarita, Nur; Aria, Ririn Restu; Susliansyah, Susliansyah
J-SAKTI (Jurnal Sains Komputer dan Informatika) Vol 1, No 2 (2017): EDISI SEPTEMBER
Publisher : STIKOM Tunas Bangsa Pematangsiantar

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The library is one of absolute means that must be owned by a school because students can get more science and knowledge without having to buy a book of its own. Now an interest read the students also had the higher it should be supported by the school.Library of PGRI 1 Junior High School in Cibinong need once the existence of an application program library that support and provide satisfactory service for the students in the process of borrowing and the return on the book. For that is the writer trying to make final assignment regarding the design of the program and the repayment of loan book at the library of the PGRI 1 Junior High School in Cibinong which is still done manually, starting from the processing of the data members of the data processing, book loaning, transaction processing, transaction processing, and returns to the making of reports, thus allowing the process to take place at the time the error occurred in the logging, less akuratnya the report is made and the delay in the search for the required data. The design of the program is the best solution to solve the problems that exist in the library, as well as with the design of the program can be reached by an activity which is effective and efficient in supporting activities at the library. Then this in the design of the program better than the manual systems to run more effectively and efficiently as well as lending system and return books that are now more conducive than with the previous system.
Design Warehouse Management Inventory System Based On The Website Aria, Ririn Restu; Rahadjeng, Indra Riyana
IJISTECH (International Journal Of Information System & Technology) Vol 1, No 2 (2018): May
Publisher : Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Komputer (STIKOM) Tunas Bangsa

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Warehouse management system is one of the most important parts of manufacturing companies in order to monitor all the supplies owned by the company for incoming goods and goods out. PT. Arista Latindo, is still using manual way to know the inventory they have today, so it will take a lot of time to be able to process the results of the use of raw materials, the resulting production, when using the system there are many mistakes that often occur in the process of recording thus affecting the overall system. Therefore, with technological advances to improve the existing system from the manual will be converted into computerized. For making these applications can use the website as a form of view that can be accessed by administrators more easily, quickly and effectively. When the design is done to better understand the needs of the user, the process is done and the output to be used, the testing process is done by waterfall method and black box testing method to check the errors associated with the display in applications that have been made and will be used in the company.