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Integrasi Algoritma Genetika Dan Information Gaint Untuk Menganalisis Sentimen Review Hotel Menggunakan Algoritma Naive Bayes Abdilah, Ari; Mardiyani, Elva; Safudin, Mahmud
Publisher : Universitas Bina Sarana Informatika

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Input and advice is one important part of the application site, in order to assess and improve a quality and quality, Reading reviews helps consumers choose the best hotels, help companies and developers to monitor user satisfaction to improve the quality and quantity of features and services, read as a whole and in manual can spend quite a long time, if read at a glance, the information is not delivered perfectly. This study analyzes the user sentiment Agoda Hotels by automatically classifying reviews for a positive or negative opinion. To improve the accuracy of Naïve Bayes methods Feature Selection, Information Gain and genetic algorithms. This model was evaluated using 10 Fold Cross Validation. Measurements were made with the Confusion Matrix and the ROC curve, comparing accuracy before and after the addition of feature selection methods. The results showed an increase in accuracy, 60.50% to 83.00%.
Pengaruh Penerapan Absensi Online Terhadap Disiplin Kerja Karyawan Pada UKM Purple Express Laundry Jakarta Safudin, Mahmud
Jurnal Kajian Ilmiah Vol 18, No 2 (2018): Jurnal Kajian Ilmiah (DOAJ Indexed)
Publisher : LPPMP Universitas Bhayangkara Jakarta Raya

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Perkembangan IPTEK dewasa ini hampir dirasakan seluruh bidang kehidupan masyarakat, salah satunya adalah penerapan sistem absensi online di suatu instansi atau organisasi yang mana bertujuan untuk memudahkan sistem absensi baik saat penggunaan, pengawasan maupun pelaporannya. Tujuan penelitian ini adalah untuk menganalisis pengaruh penerapan absensi online terhadap disiplin kerja karyawan Purple Express Laundry Jakarta.Data dikumpulkan dengan cara menyebar kuisioner terhadap 30 karyawan dan analisis datanya menggunakan SPSS versi 23. Metode yang digunakan adalah analisis regresi linear sederhana. Diperoleh hasil bahwa penerapan absensi online berpengaruh positif dan signifikan terhadap disiplin kerja karyawan
Rancang bangun Sistem Informasi Pelayanan Masyarakat Berbasis Web Pada Desa Sambeng Kulon Kabupaten Banyumas Supriatiningsih, Supriatiningsih; Safudin, Mahmud; Yulianto, Eko
IJSE - Indonesian Journal on Software Engineering Vol 5, No 1 (2019): IJSE 2019
Publisher : IJSE - Indonesian Journal on Software Engineering

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Abstract: In the current era of globalization, information technology advancing rapidly. Developments in information technology have led to a new revolution in the form of a conventional shift working system into the digital era. This change has also changed the perspective of each person in doing various activities one of which is on the activities of government agencies. The number of managed data and the need for rapid delivery of information in the public service activities at the Village Office Sambeng Kulon, Banyumas District. Public services such as the pcopulation census should be carried out continuously, continuous, timely and accurate. Because every day people must have come to the village office for various purposes such as making a written request KTP, KK, cover letters moving, death certificates, birth certificates and a letter was not able to take a long time and every resident who apply for the required letter is not uncommon back to the house to complete the necessary requirements for at least information about the documents needed to make the required letter. It is of course not efficient. To solve the above problem, a computerized system should be applied over existing systems to ensure the accuracy of the data. With so all processes can be fully realized public services effectively and efficiently because it does not have to require a longer time. The system development method used in designing this information system is the systemwaterfall method. Keywords: Information Systems, Website Services System, Waterfall