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Jurnal Informatika Vol 3, No 2 (2016): Jurnal INFORMATIKA
Publisher : LPPM Universitas BSI

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ABSTRAKThe main problem in the process sentiment analysis review is how to choose and use the best feature selection to get the maximal result. The accuracy of the use of algorithm in analysis sentiment review also have been an important role in the determination results of the analysis. Analysis of the sentiment is a study computing on an opinion, behavior and emotion of a person to an entity. This research also discussed comparative studies, technique classification and combining method of the feature selection to comparsion result of the people opinion about tourist destination. The classifications technique to analyze sentiment review of the tourist destinations, using support vector machine algorithm (svm) and a model of the features selection will be compared between a particle swarm optimization and genetic algorithm to increase the accuracy classifications of support vector machines algorithm. The measurement of were based on accuracy support vector machines before and after the addition of features. The evaluation uses 10 cross fold validation. While the measurement of accuracy measured by confusion the matrix and a curve roc. The result showed an increase in accuracy support vector machines of 75.33 % to 88.67 %. Keywords: Sentimen Review, Support Vector Machine, Analysis Review, Feature Selection. 
Paradigma - Jurnal Komputer dan Informatika Vol 20, No 1 (2018): Periode Maret 2018
Publisher : AMIK BSI Jakarta

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The existence of a library in a school becomes very important as a supporter of student learning activities. SMK Negeri 1 Bojonggede with the quite a lot  of learners, has facilitated the students by creating their own library and book collection enough to meet the needs of students and teachers. The large number of books and the intensity of borrowing students on library books becomes a challenge for the library. Based on interviews with the head of the library said that there are various obstacles in library services, such as technical management of book collection data, technical management of borrowing and return of books and follow up cases of damages and loss of collection of books in libraries or borrowed by members of the library. In this study the authors analyze various proposals for problem solving as well as improve the system at the library as well as developing an online library system for service activities and library management in SMK Negeri 1 Bojonggede.
Implementasi Monitoring Perkembangan Proyek Konstruksi Pada Perum Perumnas Jakarta Berbasis Web Arifin, Yoseph Tajul; Elyana, Instianti; Hidayat, Rahmat; Misriati, Titik; Yunita, Norma
Paradigma - Jurnal Komputer dan Informatika Vol 20, No 2 (2018): Periode September 2018
Publisher : AMIK BSI Jakarta

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One factor of success in a housing construction project is the monitoring of each division that is interrelated and connected with each other. It would be very inefficient if from each party there was no clear and uncontrolled communication. As with the Jakarta Housing Corporation, currently monitoring the project has not been well integrated. Where information that is intertwined with regional offices is still limited to communication information by telephone, as well as data that is used using documents or archives that can sometimes be lost or forgotten in the storage. Of course this will slow down the project development process, because it is constrained by each of the relevant parties, plus the report must be presented or needed at any time by the director. For this reason, a system that can support the monitoring process is needed so that data can be stored properly and the control of the progress of each project is monitored from the center. One of them is the creation of a web-based system application, with this system all can be done in real time. 
SISTEM PENILAIAN KINERJA KARYAWAN PADA PT. IS LOGISTIK Misriati, Titik; Widiarina, Widiarina; Arifin, Yoseph Tajul; Pertiwi, Amanda Subhi
Jurnal Mantik Vol 3 No 1,Juni (2019): Manajemen dan Informatika
Publisher : Jurnal Mantik

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Kinerja karyawan yang memenuhi standar yang telah ditetapkan dalam suatu perusahaan dapat diketahui dengan penilaian kinerja karyawan. Penilaian kinerja karyawan harus dilakukan dalam perusahaan mengetahui bagaimana karyawan dalam perusahaan tersebut melaksanakan tugasnya. PT. IS Logistik melakukan penilaian kinerja karyawan setiap setahun sekali. Penilaian ini dilakukan oleh dua orang atasan/pimpinan perusahaan. Hasil dari penilaian kinerja karyawan yang dilakukan pada PT. IS Logistik akan menentukan apakah karyawan kontrak tersebut diperpanjang kontrak kerjanya, karyawan kontrak diangkat menjadi karyawan tetap atau karyawan tetap mendapatkan kenaikan gaji. Selama ini, proses penilaian kinerja karyawan dilakukan secara manual dengan menggunakan form penilaian dan diolah menggunakan Microsoft Excel. Hal ini menyebakan beberapa kendala dalam perusahaan. Oleh sebab itu, pada penelitian ini diusulkan penggunaan aplikasi untuk penilaian kinerja karyawan pada PT. IS Logistik supaya dapat membantu permasalahan dalam penilaian kinerja karyawan.