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Penilaian Pembelajaran Sejarah Konstruktivistik: Pendekatan Critical Discourse Analysis Abidin, Nur Fatah; Joebagio, Hermanu; Sariyatun, Sariyatun
Yupa: Historical Studies Journal Vol 1, No 1 (2017)
Publisher : History Education Department, Mulawarman University

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This paper discusses about the assessment in the historical learning based on the constructivism paradigm and Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) approach. CDA approach consists of in-depth analysis, includes linguistic, social, and cultural analysis. Three related layers of a dynamic analysis compose the CDA: (1) analysis of the text, (2) analysis of the practice of discursive, and (3) analysis of social practices. In the context of the historical learning based on constructivism paradigm, the third layer used to assess the development of the system and the structure of the thinking of learners. CDA approach used to analyze and assess the work of learners. The work of learners that analyzed by the CDA approach is descriptive test. In the learning process, CDA needs a rubric based on the discourse analysis and the level of development of thinking learners. Based on the results of the research, the CDA used to assess the historical learning process, particularly in the constructivism paradigm. The learning assessment expected to be an alternative assessment, which is not only quantitatively assessing the student knowledge, but also to measure the development of the system and the structure of the thinking of learners.