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Dakwah Pembangunan dalam Produksi Siaran Radio dan Televisi ., Surianor
Alhadharah: Jurnal Ilmu Dakwah Vol 11, No 21 (2012)
Publisher : UIN Antasari Banjarmasin

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Development requires a model of socialization with various approaches, one of them is a religious approach. The media, both print and electronic have the trategic position and role in delivering development message.. Radio and television should proactively communicate and preach the message of development to the community, with the hope that people are inspired to help and participate, in order to achieve success in various aspects of development. The problem is the role of public broadcasting services in preaching the dakwah of development is still lacking, and broadcasting companies are more commercially oriented and mostly owned by nonMuslims. Commitment and the role of Muslim entrepreneurs are needed to set up, manage and develop broadcasting services that are more focused on the interests of dakwah
Urgensi Masalah Lingkungan Hidup sebagai Materi Siaran Televisi Daerah ., Surianor
Alhadharah: Jurnal Ilmu Dakwah Vol 13, No 25 (2014)
Publisher : UIN Antasari Banjarmasin

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Environmental issues have become universal and international issues. Indonesia can not leaving the hands of this problem because in many areas of severe environmental damage, either by the action of deforestation, logging, mining, industrialization, construction of residential, shopping and so on are not paying attention to the safety and preservation of an environmentally build awareness of all parties the importance of maintaining and save the environment takes an active role of the mass media, especially television. Television media in areas where environmental damage occurs should be much more proactive broadcast environmental damage. If there needs to be a regular event materials specifically preach condition and damage.
Materi Budaya dalam Produksi Siaran Televisi ., Surianor
Alhadharah: Jurnal Ilmu Dakwah Vol 12, No 24 (2013)
Publisher : UIN Antasari Banjarmasin

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Television is still the dominant medium for most public spectacle. These conditions require the willingness of producers to present television program content of a higher quality and beneficial to the community. One of the important broadcast content to be presented to the community is a culture, because culture is a part of peoples lives. Cultural content is currently in a challenge, because it is the less desirable and relatively minimal television broadcast content. Foreign cultures that are used as broadcast content may be againts the teachings of Indonesian religions and cultures. This needs the attention and responsibilities of all parties.  It required the ability to make cultural content  as  television program, to make it  interesting and to coloure them with religious teachings, and to broadcast positive cultural and educational impact for the community
Alhadharah: Jurnal Ilmu Dakwah Vol 16, No 31 (2017)
Publisher : UIN Antasari Banjarmasin

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Religion Islam is very rich with the material teachings about religious harmony, especially in relationships with adherents of other religions. But regrettably the propagation material about this harmony is still rarely delivered or socialized to the community, including through radio-radio that conducts the broadcast in the community. This paper discusses the teachings of Isam about religious harmony and loading of harmony material through the broadcast of preaching programs on radio stations in South Kalimantan. Conclusion of this paper, the average radio in this area already has the broadcast of Islamic propagation, but the percentage of time is very little compared to other events, and from that little is still rarely filled with religious harmony material. The percentage of dawah events only ranges from 3-10% of the entire event material, and only Radio Gema Kuripan Amuntai whose dawah material reaches 15%. In the future, religious teachings on harmony should be broadcasted also through educational and cultural events. Here not only the teachings of religion, but local cultural values that can be harmonized harmony can be broadcast. If the material is well processed, it will be interesting, and more importantly useful for people to improve harmony and avoid the rifts and conflicts nuanced SARA.