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Characterization of Activated Carbon from Coal and Its Application as Adsorbent on Mine Acid Water Treatment Hardianti, Siti; Rachman, Susila Arita; E.H., Harminuke
Indonesian Journal of Fundamental and Applied Chemistry Vol 2, No 2 (2017): June 2017
Publisher : Indonesian Journal of Fundamental and Applied Chemistry

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Anthracite and Sub-bituminous as activated carbon raw material had been utilized especially in mining field as adsorbent of dangerous heavy metal compound resulted in mining activity. Carbon from coal was activated physically and chemically in various temperature and particle sizes. Characterization was carried out in order to determine the adsorbent specification produced hence can be used and applied accordingly. Proximate and ultimate analysis concluded anthracite has fixed carbon 88.91% while sub-bituminous 49.05%. NaOH was used in chemical activation while heated at 400-500°C whereas physical activation was conducted at 800-1000°C. Activated carbon has high activity in adsorbing indicated by high iodine number resulted from analysis. SEM-EDS result confirmed that activated carbon made from coal has the quality in accordance to SNI and can be used as adsorbent in acid water treatment.
Application of SMART Methods (Simple Multi-Attribute Rating Technique) In the Decision Support System for the Provision of People's Business Loans At Bank Sumut (Case Study: KCP Pasar Martubung) Romindo, Romindo; Hardianti, Siti
Journal Of Computer Networks, Architecture and High Performance Computing Vol 1 No 2, Juli (2019): Call For Paper
Publisher : Institute Of Computer Science (IOCS)

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Bank SUMUT KCP Pasar Martubung in the provision of People's Business Credit (KUR) and the subject of this research is the People's Business Credit Account (KUR), which amounts to one person. The high interest of the community in obtaining KUR made it difficult for Bank SUMUT to determine who was entitled to receive KUR. In the process of determining the eligibility of previous KUR recipients, the method of comparison between monthly income and monthly needs is still using the manual method. This method is considered to be still simple, this is due to dependence on one indicator that causes bad credit. To overcome this problem, a decision support system is needed with the SMART Multi Attribute Ranking Technique which can assist in the provision of KUR to the community that meets the criteria in the provision of KUR
Model Aplikasi E-Voting Berbasis WEB Pada Pemilihan Ketua Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa Hardianti, Siti; Yudhihartanti, Yulia
Jutisi: Jurnal Ilmiah Teknik Informatika dan Sistem Informasi Vol 4, No 2: Agustus 2015
Publisher : STMIK Banjarbaru

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The development of information technology has brought great changes to people, including to carry out voting. The use of computer technology in the implementation of voting is known as electronic voting or commonly known as e-voting. Student Executive Board (BEM) STMIK Banjarbaru is an organization owned by a university or high school functioned as a forum for representatives of all students STMIK Banjarbaru. Student Executive Board (BEM) STMIK this Banjarbaru certainly have members who are not the least, during this process of selecting new head diruang scope of the Student Representative Council (BPM) is still done manually.Election of Chairman STMIK Banjarbaru BEM can be overcome by utilizing Computer Science and Information Technology (ICT) that electronic voting (e-voting) or build an application of e-voting to carry out the selection head is that it takes time and place of voters (students) in the election can be balanced and can increase the number of voters. One way that is easy and efficient in the development of e-voting election is to use a client-server architecture and algorithms pesentase in the graph.From the research that has been done to implement the e-voting system, then the conclusion is obtained that can increase the number of voters, smoothed data management, reduce the risk of loss of voice, reducing the budget, as well as speeding up the counting.Key Word : Applications Web-Based E-Voting in the Election of the Chairman of the BEM STMIK Banjarbaru