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Jurnal Penelitian Politik Vol 4, No 1 (2007): Demokrasi Mati Suri
Publisher : Pusat Penelitian Politik

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North Korean nuclear arms test has shocked international communityfor the coming up of a new nuclear state Despite the United Nations sanction on nuclear arms test North Korea tried to prove herself against United States political domination on regulating the world nuclear arms However the test has raised thefear on misuse ofnuclear arms particularly among the states in the East Asia region As the result six countries United States Russia Japan China South Korea and North Korea had the idea to sit together on the negotiation table to solve the North Korean nuclear arms named six party talks Unfortunately each of the six party talk s member has different political interest in solving the problem This situation gave comfortable spacefor North Korea to develop their nuclear arms and lived the international community infear ofthe spread ofnuclear arms all over the world.

Partai Politik, Pemilu, dan Pemerintahan Rusia

Jurnal Penelitian Politik Vol 1, No 1 (2004): Pemilu Legislatif 2004
Publisher : Pusat Penelitian Politik

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The changing of Russian domestic politics has been running fast. Many political changings have been caused by the internal push factors that have changed political policies dramatically against the past. The political changing has covered the changing o f political party system from single part into multiparty system. The unpopular election at the national level in the past has been changed into the need to do the election at the national level either to the Parliaments members or the President. The following political changing covered the push to change the role o f government institution to be more structuralized and not centralized anymore into one single position. These domestic political changings were the sign of running to be democratic State. This study has the aim to analyze the historical changing o f Russian domestic politics that has been the basic argument for the future o f political condition.