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INOVATIF: Jurnal Penelitian Pendidikan, Agama dan Kebudayaan Vol 2 No 1 (2016): Februari 2016
Publisher : Ali Muchasan

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Along with the development of word trade, the devolepment banks are increasingly rapidly. This is because the development of the banking world can not be separated from the development of trade. In Indonesia alone development of very large banks. Of the entire market share of Indonesia became Asean region with 70 percent market share potential. Indonesia Indonesia is currently appearing as kekuatan 16 of the world’s largest, with a GNP of U.S.$ 3800, Continues to grow and provide positive expeztations. With a potensial market of 180 milion people , indonesia can perch be the fourth largest economic power if it followed the stability of economic growth. But to achieve that deram must clean up the banking sector to face the competitive world of banking continues to work hard to improve professionalism. Should not be overlooked that in the end many common banking companies owned foreign banks. According to constitution of Basic Banking NO.7 of 1992 and reaffirmed by the release of constitution. No.10 of 1998 is based on the type of banking functions consist of; commercial banks and rural bank (BPR). BPR plays an important role as guardians of the nation’s economy. Entering the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in 2015, financial institutions that focus on small business is like a house keeper for the national economy. Entering the open market Asean, BPR has a formidable task, keeping them in groups of foreign bank entry does not size Indonesian markert. To be able to compete on the open market, it is appropriate BPR managers continue to work hard to improve professionalism. From these results of this research, writer concluded that: (1) employee motivation of BPR in Tulungagung generaly entered in both categories is 66.3% with a frequency of 53 people, (2) leadership style of BPR ingeneral Tulungagung entry in either category that is 90% with a frequency of 72 people, (3) organizational culture Tulungagung of BPR in general enterd the category of either 98% with a frequency of 79. (4) There is a positive and significant effect between work motivation, leadership styles, and organizational culture on employee performance of BPR in Tulungagung. In F counted of 8.423 with a probability value of 0.000, the calculated F (8.423)> F table (2.72), and sig is smaller than the probability value of 0.05, or a value of 0.000<0.05. Then ha is accepted, meaning together X1, X2 an X3 significant effect on Y
INOVATIF: Jurnal Penelitian Pendidikan, Agama dan Kebudayaan Vol 2 No 2 (2016): September 2016
Publisher : Ali Muchasan

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Business is a highly recommended activity in the teachings of Islam. Lately we encounter phenomena that occur in society such as behavior that deviates from religious teachings, decline in business ethics. Growing symptoms of lack of a sense of solidarity, social responsibility and the level of honesty, mutual suspicion, it is hard to believe in an entrepreneur if it is related for the first time. Less ethical things are often done in the form of cutting rival relationships. If a person has a loyal subscription, then by his opponent is rivaled by offering goods at a cheaper price, sometimes even at a loss. This will result in deadly rivals and self-defeating and totally unethical. Once the importance of trading activities, it is necessary to be studied more deeply about the activities in the trade whether it is in accordance with the guidance of the Prophet good ethics that ultimately gave birth to the work ethic of Islami. One important study in Islam is the issue of business ethics. Ethics is seen as commensurate with morality, morals, and adab (in Arabic). The work ethos is closely related to hard work, diligence, loyalty, communication, decision-making, attitude, behavior, dedication, and high discipline. While the work ethics is closely related to work ethics that pay attention to aspects of morals, ethics, justice, and integrity in creating added value organization. The relation of business ethics and work ethic is very significant because business based on good ethics will give birth to work ethic or good business behavior such as doing lawful and honest business which will be blessed by Allah.
Peran kelas ibu hamil terhadap pemberian ASI Eksklusif di Gunung Kidul Andayani, Dwi; Emilia, Ova; Ismail, Djauhar
Berita Kedokteran Masyarakat (BKM) Vol 33, No 7 (2017)
Publisher : Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Gadjah Mada

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The influence of antenatal class implementation toward exclusive breastfeeding in Gunung Kidul Purpose This study aimed to determine the effect of the implementation of the antenatal class toward exclusive breastfeeding.Methods The research was a case-control study with a quantitative approach. This research was also supported by a qualitative approach which aimed to complement and reinforce the results obtained from the quantitative data. Sample cases were 135 exclusive breastfeeding infants aged 6-12 months, and the control sample were 135 not exclusive breastfeeding infants aged 6-12 month. Data analysis used the McNemar and conditional logistic regression tests with significance level of p = <0.05 and 95% confidence interval.Results Bivariate analysis showed that antenatal class affected exclusive breastfeeding p = 0.026 and OR = 1.80 (95% CI: 1.03 to 3.24). In the results of multivariate analysis after controlling by including support of her husband and the ANC p = 0.03 and OR = 1.86 (95% CI: 1.05 to 3.30). Mothers who attended antenatal class have exclusive breastfeeding rate 1.86 times higher compared to mothers who did not attend the antenatal class.Conclusion The antenatal class can directly affect exclusive breastfeeding, in spite of controlling the support of her husband and the ANC.