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EduLite: Journal of English Education, Literature and Culture Vol 1, No 1 (2016): February 2016
Publisher : Universitas Islam Sultan Agung

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This research was an attempt to investigate the use of Jigsaw learning Strategy in term of improving students’ reading ability. This six month project was conducted to Senior-high school students around Semarang. In order to get to know the impact of this program, this research required two classes designed as the class of experiment and the class of control. Each class would have its roles in this research. As the project was completely done, it was observed that the mean score of the posttest in the class ofexperiment (85.4412) was higher than that of the class of control (67.95). Of referring to the data, this was concluded that this learning strategy was positively effective to improve students’ learning performance in reading.
Interaction in English as a Foreign Language Classroom (A Case of Two State Senior High Schools in Semarang in the Academic Year 2009/2010) Nugroho, Kurniawan Yudhi
English Education Journal Vol 1 No 1 (2011)
Publisher : English Education Journal

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Proceedings Education and Language International Conference Vol 1, No 1 (2017): Proceedings of Education and Language International Conference
Publisher : Proceedings Education and Language International Conference

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A descriptive study on students’ assumption about the relationship between learning styles and academic achievement. The aim of this study was to find out whether there is a relationship between learning styles and academic achievement. The writer used total sampling technique in collecting the data and questionnaire as the instrument of the study. The questionnaire was distributed to the sample that is all of the college of languages students of a Private University Semarang that are 62 students divided into two majors; education and literature programs. The writer tabulated the data using Microsoft excel and SPSS v.23.0 in order to know the results statistically. The results showed that the learning styles aspects had a relationship on the students’ academic achievement. It is proven by the statistical data of questionnaire’s Likert scale that most of the respondents give the response in scale of “4” which means the respondents agree with the statements on the questionnaire about the relationship between learning styles and academic achievement.Keywords: learning styles, academic achievement, students
Jurnal Pendidikan Bahasa dan Sastra Vol 16, No 2 (2016): Volume 16, Nomor 2, Oktober 2016
Publisher : Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia

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Abstract This article presented the result in the interview and discussion between teacher and students aimed at revealing students’ perception on the previous course program. Of the interview and discussion, it was observed that the previous program was not conducted optimally in term of knowledge and oral language proficiency development where the students perceived it was very important. In order to bridge the gap, discussion was arranged. As a result, mutual agreement between the teacher and the students was achieved. In order to materialize the goal of learning both the teacher and the students agreed upon: 1) using English as a medium of communication during the learning program, 2) learning activities were conducted through presentation and discussion, 3) it was highly expected that students came to the class on time, tolerance for late comers would only be 10 minutes, 4) it was highly required that students met 75% of attendance at minimum, in order to participate in the final exam, 5) Assignment must be submitted punctually based on the schedule, 6) students were endorsed to actively participate in the learning activities.Keywords: classroom policies, discussion, speaking proficiency, knowledge development
Lecturers’ language problems in writing english papers for international publications Hartono, Hartono; Arjanggi, Ruseno; Nugroho, Kurniawan Yudhi; Maerani, Ira Alia
Journal of Education and Learning (EduLearn) Vol 13, No 2: May 2019
Publisher : Institute of Advanced Engineering and Science

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Indonesian lecturers are now encouraged to publish papers in international journals so that they can better disseminate research findings and innovations globally.  However, many of them have the problems with English language mastery. This study was aimed at identifying and analyzing language problems of the Indonesian university lecturers in writing English academic papers for international publications. The subjects of the study were 66 randomly selected lecturers of various disciplines other than English Education and English Literature. The data were collected by questionnaire and English writing tasks on phrases, sentences, and paragraphs which were then analyzed descriptively. The results show that language errors and mistakes in grammar, syntax, vocabulary, spelling and word forms were all found in the subjects’ writings.  In writing academic papers for international publications, university lecturers faced language problems as constructing phrases and sentences, choosing and using appropriate vocabulary and terms relevant to their topic of study as well as translating their Indonesian sentences into English.
Students’ Perception at the Use of Padlet in Linguistics Class Anwar, Choiril; Nugroho, Kurniawan Yudhi; Nurhamidah, Idha
NOTION: Journal of Linguistics, Literature, and Culture Vol 1, No 1 (2019)
Publisher : Universitas Ahmad Dahlan

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This study aims at investigating students’ perceptions of the use of Padlet in the class of Introduction to Functional Linguistics. The population of this study was a class of 2014 batch student of English Language Education program at Sultan Agung Islamic University (UNISSULA) Semarang with a sample of 28 people. This research is in the form of qualitative descriptive design. The data collection method uses observations and questionnaire. The data is then analyzed using interpretive descriptive analysis. The specific target to be achieved in this study is that by knowing students' perceptions of the use of Padlet, then this result can be used as a reference for the Faculty of Language and Communication Science and other faculties in the UNISSULA environment to improve the performance and quality of service to students especially in the learning and teaching process. In addition, the results of this study can also be a reference for both the Study Program and the Faculty to review the curriculum that has been implemented so far. From the data obtained through questionnaires distributed to 28 students of the English Language Education Study Program at the Faculty of Languages and Communication Science of Sultan Agung Islamic University Semarang in the class of 2014/2015, researchers can conclude that these students have very diverse perceptions in the use of Padlet media in learning Introduction to Functional Linguistics. To be sure, most students really positively appreciate the use of this media in linguistic learning in general.