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Health Empowerment, and Economics of Women with HIV/AIDS Through Life Skills Education Azza, Awatiful; Setyowati, Trias; Fauziah, Fauziah
Jurnal Ners Vol 10, No 1 (2015): Vol. 10 Nomor 1 April 2015
Publisher : Universitas Airlangga

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Introduction: Women with HIV/AIDS have a heavy burden. Discrimination and the low economic status causes them worse off in the uncertainty of life. The purpose of the study to develop a health empowerment and economic and increase community involvement in the business activities of women with HIV/AIDS. Methods: The method descriptive approach,focus group discussion. The preparation of the design strategies, health empowerment and economic through life skills education for women with HIV/AIDS strengthened through Participatory Action Research (PAR). The results of this study showed that the health status of women with HIV who are involved in phase I. The average age of patients were at a fairly productive life span between 20–40 years. 90% they do not have income. The results of focus group discussions (FGD) indicates that the client requires additional activities that can generate income, but do not overload the physical. Some of the selected activities include embroider and sew, salons and cooking. The results of research on public response associated with HIV/AIDS they mention that women with HIV should be protected by the government and the public, although on average they still can not accept people in their environment.Keywords: Empowerment, women with HIV/AIDS, Life skill education
Model Pembelajaran Reproduksi Sehat Melalui Kelompok Sebaya pada Remaja Putri azza, awatiful; Susilo, Cipto
Jurnal Ners Vol 11, No 1 (2016): Vol 11 No 1 April 2016
Publisher : Universitas Airlangga

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Introduction: Teen problems are conditions that need to be considered in national development in Indonesia. Teenagers problems occur, because they are not prepared regarding knowledge of aspects related to the problem of transition from childhood to adulthood. One of the problems faced by teenagers today is about the health of adolescents, especially related to reproductive health. Methods: This study uses a quantitative approach pre experiment with pre - post test design, the purpose of research, construction of models of healthy reproductive learning through peer groups in traditional schools and analyze the application of learning through peer group against knowledge female students  about reproductive health. The sample was female students in Boarding school Miftahul Hasan Gunung Sepikul amounted to 50 female students, with purposive sampling technique. Results of analysis using Spearmans rho test ,P value of 0.00 obtained value where the value is < less than 0.05 so it can be concluded that there is a learning effect of reproductive health through peer groups for knowledge  female students . Discuss: Boarding schools need to provide curriculum on reproductive health in order to improve the understanding of female students in healthy living behavior associated with reproductive organs.
Jurnal Ners Vol 5, No 2 (2010): Vol 5 No. 2 Oktober 2010
Publisher : Universitas Airlangga

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Introduction:Epidemic HIV/AIDS becomes heavy burden in every country without exception and hardly potency breaks the economic development in developing countries including Indonesia. Method: The method which use on this research was descriptive quantitative. This condition causes women who generally not guilty exactly very susceptible in infection by HIV/AIDS and accounts a real heavy burden from disease impact received by it either in social environment and also family. Result: most all the psychological experienced of respondents change from lightest storey to heaviest. Lack of ability was caused by a lot public still have not comprehended about HIV/AIDS and more tends to discriminates patient and even asks patient to move. Giving of emotion support, psychological, facility, treatment and curative and information support, its expressed that most of public was less in giving support. Discussion: The effort that is must be done by local government Kabupaten Jember relates to handling of HIV/AIDS for example prevention and invention of case and manage of patient which has expressed positive of HIV/AIDS by entangling all society not to restrain from they environment.
J-Dinamika Vol 3, No 2 (2018)
Publisher : J-Dinamika

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Mitra merupakan kelompok ibu menyusui yang tinggal di wilayah Dusun Purwojati dan Dusun Dukuh, Desa Dukuhdempok Kecamatan Wuluhan Kabupaten Jember. Tujuan utama dari pelaksanaan program PKM yang berjudul “PKM Kelompok Ibu Menyusui Dalam Peningkatan Keterampilan Olah Pangan Sebagai Penunjang Kualitas ASI” ini adalah untuk mengatasi permasalahan Mitra berupa: 1) belum optimalnya pemahaman Mitra  tentang manajemen laktasi., 2) belum optimalnya  pemahaman Mitra tentang pentingnya kualitas nutrisi masa laktasi, 3) kurangnya  keterampilan  olah pangan Mitra dalam meningkatkan kualitas ASI, 4) kurangnya  pengetahuan Mitra menjadi edukator sebaya, dan 5) kurangnya pemahaman Mitra untuk menjadi pendamping dalam edukator sebaya. Solusi untuk permasalahan yang dihadapi Mitra tersebut, perlu dilakukan tindakan berupa: 1) melakukan penyuluhan tentang manajemen laktasi, 2) melakukan penyuluhan tentang pentingnya nutrisi masa laktasi, 3) pelatihan keterampilan olah pangan dalam menunjang kualitas ASI, 4) pelatihan Mitra menjad edukator sebaya dan 5) pelatihan Mitra menjadi pendamping dalam edukator sebaya.  Selanjutnya target kegiatan ini adalah kelompok ibu menyusui memiliki persepsi yang tepat dan kemampuan olah pangan dalam menunjang kualitas ASI. Jangka waktu pelaksanaan kegiatan PKM ini selama 8 bulan. Metode pendekatan yang ditawarkan untuk menyelesaikan persoalan mitra program PKM Kelompok  ibu menyusui dalam peningkatan keterampilan olah pangan sebagai penunjang kualitas ASI dengan  tahapan yaitu: 1) melakukan koordinasi dalam mengumpulkan ibu menyusui, 2) melakukan koordinasi dengan kader kesehatan., 3) melakukan sosialisasi pengetahuan dan pemahaman yang mendalam pada kelompok ibu menyusui tentang manajemen laktasi., 4) melakukan Sosialisasi pengetahuan dan pemahaman pada kelompok ibu menyusui tentang pentingnya kualitas nutrisi masa laktasi, 5) melakukan Pelatihan keterampilan  olah pangan dalam meningkatkan kualitas ASI, 6) melakukan Sosialisasi pengetahuan dan pemahaman menjadi edukator sebaya dan 7) melakukan Sosialisasi pengetahuan dan pemahaman menjadi pendamping dalam edukator sebaya.