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Amanda Devi Paramitha, Amanda Devi
Universitas Diponegoro

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PEMODELAN REGRESI 3-LEVEL DENGAN METODE ITERATIVE GENERALIZED LEAST SQUARE (IGLS) (Studi Kasus: Lamanya pendidikan Anak di Kabupaten Semarang) Paramitha, Amanda Devi; Suparti, Suparti; Wuryandari, Triastuti
Jurnal Gaussian Vol 5, No 1 (2016): Wisuda periode Januari 2016
Publisher : Jurusan Statistika UNDIP

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In a research, data was used often hierarchical structure. Hierarchical data is data obtained through multistage sampling from a population with independent variables can be defined within each level and dependent variable can be defined at the lowest level. One analysis that can be used for data with a hierarchical structure is a multilevel regression analysis. The purpose of this final three-level regression analyzes to establish regression models about the length of a childs education in the District of Semarang where the individual level-1 with a factor of gender, lodged at the family level-2 by a factor of the length of fathers education and duration of maternal education and nesting on the environment level-3 with factor of residence, number of elementary school the large number of junior high school and the large number of high school. Parameter estimation in 3-level regression models can use several methods, one of which is a method of Iterative Generalized Least Square (IGLS). Of cases the length of education in the district of Semarang indicate that factors influencing factor is the length of fathers education and the duration of the mothers education. Keywords : Hierarchical structure, multistage sampling, multilevel regression, Iterative Generalized Least Square.