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Jurnal Fisika FLUX Vol 10, No 2 (2013): Jurnal Fisika FLUX Edisi Agustus 2013
Publisher : Lambung Mangkurat University Press

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Abstrak: Nowadays, green house gas was increased which caused air temperature ofsurface arise, one of them is carbon dioxide (CO2), CO2 is part of green house gas whichis strong enough to absorb infrared wave, but if CO2 concentration is too high it wouldmake earth warming at the surface. The objective of the research is to made airtemperature changes modeling ( ), air temperature modeling ( ) in 2004-2010based on CO2 concentration trend and also to predict air temperature modeling 2011-2014 in Kalimantan Selatan. The research is literature study by using ( ) modeling.The modeling is made to known value of air temperature changes modeling since 1750based on CO2 concentration trend which used to modeling air temperature ( ) in2004-2010 based on CO2 concentration trend and also its predict. Data that was used isair temperature of observation in 7 point in 2004-2010 and CO2 concentration data ofIndonesia in 2004-2010. Result of the research shown that air temperature changesmodeling in 2004-2010 based on CO2 concentration trend was changed since 1750 isabout 1,53-1,68ºC, model shown that air temperature modeling in 2004-2010 based onCO2 concentration trend about 26,72-26,77ºC and air temperature modeling in 2011-2014 based on CO2 concentration trend about 26,772–26,795ºC.Keywords: Temperature, Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Kalimantan Selatan
Didaktika Religia Vol 3, No 1 (2015)
Publisher : STAIN Kediri

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The study is intended to examine the curriculum and teaching learning in Pondok Modern Darussalam Gontor-Ponorogo. A process of structuring and management of education institutions like Pesantren involving human and non-human in achieving the goal of Pesantren is the central theme of the study. This research is expected to contribute to society, both theoretically and practically. This study is descriptive qualitative.  The curriculum at Pondok Modern Darussalam Gontor integrates religious knowledge and the kawniyah science, and thus they cannot be separated from the basis  and religious values. On the contrary, the teaching of religious knowledge should be in line with general scientific developments.  Key words: Management, boarding school, curriculum, learning
Community Empowerment Aware of Health Model Munir, Miftahul; Suhartono, Suhartono
Jurnal Ners Vol 11, No 2 (2016): Vol. 11 No. 2 Oktober 2016
Publisher : Universitas Airlangga

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Introduction: Health degree influenced by several factors and the offspring of the Ministry of Health and behavior and the environment. The behavior and environmental factors have contributed most in improving the degree of community health. The purpose of this research is to prove and analyzing the influence of the characteristics of the individual, self efficacy and team work against the commitment and productivity of health cadres. Methods: This research method using analytically research with explanatory research approach. Samples in this research totaled 200 respondents. The data was taken using simple random sampling. The collection of data use of the questionnaire, interview and observation. Data analysis was used the statistical test Partial Least Square (PLS). Result: Research results show the influence of the productivity variable health cadres of economic investment health is of 0,291 with the value of T-statistic of 4,645, where the value of the T-statistic was greater than 1.96 which means the productivity of health cadres significant effect of economic investment health, this shows the influence of the productivity of health cadre of economic investment health was positive, it means that when the productivity of health cadres are higher then the economic investment will also increasingly good health. Discussion: This research can serve as a reference for the district government of Tuban in increasing the degree of community health. Improving the health of the community must be done via promotif efforts and preventive measures through productivity program health cadres. The productivity of health cadres have an important role in efforts to improve the health of the community so that the government can save the funds for health or economic investment of health. 
HUBUNGAN CUACA DAN KONSENTRASI PM10 (STUDI KASUS DI KOTA BANJARBARU) Munir, Miftahul; Akbar, Arief R. M.; Badaruddin, Badaruddin; Wahdah, Raiwani
EnviroScienteae Vol 14, No 1 (2018): EnviroScienteae Volume 14 Nomor 1, April 2018
Publisher : Universitas Lambung Mangkurat

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This research’s aim was to identify the relationship between weather element with PM10 concentration in Banjarbaru both during normal condition and during smoke fog (smog) condition, to study the condition’s effect afflicts to weather element and PM10 concentration in ambient air and to determine standard quality concentration PM10’s threshold in ambient air during smog condition. The data were 10 minute PM10, humidity, and temperature and daily weather of 2015 that obtained from Banjarbaru Climatology Station meanwhile data of hotspot’s in South Kalimantan at 2015 was taken from MODIS satellite of Terra Aqua owned by NOAA. The 10 minutes data has been clustered using K-means method and the daily weather element relationship with PM10 concentration obtained based on regression analysis. When normal conditions, only temperature, and duration of irradiance were significantly has positively correlated with PM10 concentration, air humidity and significant rainfall are negatively correlated, the remain is not significant in effect, while during smog conditions; temperature, duration of irradiation, air pressure, average wind velocity, and maximum significant wind speed are positively correlated, air humidity, and rainfall significantly negatively correlated. Based on the results of K-means clustering analysis of PM10 concentration, there was higher humidity, higher temperature, and PM10 concentrations were below the standard quality threshold under normal conditions while in the case of smog conditions, lower humidity, lower temperature, and PM10 concentrations were above the quality standard threshold. PM10 concentration during smog condition reaches dangerous status/above the standard quality threshold before dry season until late dry season at 02.20 is in the dusk until 12.30 pm.
JIE (Journal of Islamic Education) Vol 3 No 2 (2018): Nop (2018)

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This article discusses the actualization of Islamic education in Islamicparenting in the Luqman family story with the aim of providingexplanations and real solutions to parents about how parents educatechildren by taking the example of family education conducted by Luqman.First, Luqman began his advice to his son by calling for avoiding shirkwhile at the same time containing teachings about the form of the OneGod, because the act of shirk is a great tyranny. Second, worshipeducation, teaches children to worship God by performing prayer as apillar of religion that will help someone from vile and evil deeds. Inaddition to prayer services, parents should also provide their children withinsight into other worship, such as fasting, zakat and pilgrimage. Third,muamalah education, Luqman gave advice to his children to always dogood even though as heavy as mustard seeds, Allah SWT will reciprocate.So also with bad deeds. Fourth, moral education, Luqman teaches childrento be patient and to behave well with fellow human beings, not to lookaway and walk arrogantly (arrogant), to be simple in walking, and tosoften sounds when speaking.