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The Effect of Propofol on Onset and Sedation in Diabetic Mellitus Rat (Rattus norvegicus) Erwin, Erwin; Rusli, Rusli; Zuraidawati, Zuraidawati; Irwansyah, Fadillah
Jurnal Medika Veterinaria Vol 8, No 2 (2014): J. Med. Vet.

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This research aimed to examine the time of onset and sedation on diabetic mellitus (DM) rat (Rattus norvegicus) by propofol. This study used 8 female wistar rats 2-3 months old and 150-200 grams of bodyweight, fed with standard feed and water ad libitum. Samples were divided into two groups. Group 1 (KI) as a control group was injected intraperitoneally with aloxan solvent and group 2 (KII) was injected intraperitoneally with 150 mg/kg bodyweight aloxan. Blood glucose was checked 10 days after aloxan injection, DM was categorized if the blood glucose over 150 mg/dl. All rats were injected intravenously with propofol 1% with the dose of 10 mg/kg bodyweight. Onset and sedation time was counted using stopwatch after propofol injection. The result showed that mean (±SD) of onset on KI and KII were 1.39±0.49 and 8.64±1.23 seconds, consecutively and they were significantly different at P<0.01. Whilst mean (±SD) of sedation KI and KII were 12.12±1.47 minutes and 7.62±1.61 minutes, respectively. The onset and sedation time of KI was significantly different from KII P<0.01. The conclusion of this research was DM affects time of onset and sedation when wistar strain rats were anesthetized by 1% propofol.Key words: rats, diabetic mellitus, propofol, onset, sedation