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APLIKASI SURABAYA HERITAGE BERBASIS WEBSITE Handojo, Andreas; Lim, Resmana; Christian, Robby; Gosal, Robert; Bastion, Yulius
Jurnal Informatika Vol 13, No 1 (2015): MAY 2015
Publisher : Institute of Research and Community Outreach - Petra Christian University

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Utilization of communication and computer technology has spread into various fields. Begin from the world of entertainment, education, business, health, life-style, and also the tourist field. Nowadays, still lack of the information related to the city of Surabaya as historical information, information about tourist sites, and others. This research conduct to develop an application to explore the history of the city of Surabaya as historic sites, tourist sites, museums, and the event agenda in town. With this application, the user is expected to be able to learn about the history of the city of Surabaya in the interesting form by combining text, picture, sound, and Google map facilities, as well as well as the promotion of tourism and events agenda are hosted in the city of Surabaya. Surabaya Heritage Applications created on a web-based application that is intended for public to know better about the history, tourism objects, as well as the event agenda in the city of Surabaya. Based from the testing results, the application was able to perform functions such as pre-planned. Meanwhile, testing by sampling questionnaires to the user produce that the application is attracting interest from users by 85%. It can be concluded that the applications made quite meet the target research.
Aplikasi Layanan Antarjemput XYZ Berbasis Android Gosal, Robert; Andjarwirawan, Justinus; Handojo, Andreas
Jurnal Infra Vol 4, No 1 (2016)
Publisher : Jurnal Infra

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XYZ Shuttle service is a company that works in transportation service area and also one of the alternative transportations that can be used to pick and drop people to their destinations. XYZ Shuttle Service is shuttle service which have 2 types of services, one is request service where the user can order the shuttle to pick them up according to the address requested and will take the user to the requested destination address. The other service are regular service where the user will be picked up and delivered every day based from the order. One of the shuttle service company is XYZ shuttle service. Now, XYZ shuttle service still keep the order record in manual system, where the user is still using telephone to order the service. Because of that, sometimes the order record is not too accurate. Therefore, it need an information system to help and reduce the weaknesses of the manual system.This application of XYZ shuttle service based on Android is intended to help the user can order the shuttle service more easy and faster. This application will be built using HTML, Javascript, PHP language which will be converted into mobile application using Eclipse. This mobile application will also help user to identify the driver who will pick-up the user. It will help facilitate the pick-up process. Besides being able to assist in order shuttle service, this application also helps shuttle service company to record and process the order more quickly and accurately so it will help in the pick-up process. The manual system analysis process is conducted by survey to shuttle services.Based on test results, this application run well on some devices such as Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean), Android 4.4 (Kitkat). The application can run the order service function, send the notification, view the order data, and display driver identity so make user to obtain information about the driver is run pretty well.