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Faktor Risiko Obesitas Berdasarkan Indeks Massa Tubuh dan Lingkar Pinggang Di SMA Katolik Palangkaraya Pasumbung, Eva; Purba, Maria Magdalena
Jurnal Vokasi Kesehatan Vol 1, No 1 (2015): Januari 2015
Publisher : Poltekkes Kemenkes Pontianak

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Abstract: Risk Factors Associated With Obesity In Students Catholic High School Palangkaraya. The aim of this study was to determine the risk factors associated with obesity in students Catholic High School Palangkaraya. The method research uses a cross-sectional design. The sample consisted of 108 students to sample as many as 56 males and as many as 52 females sampled. Data analysis with Chi-square test and Kolmogorov-Smirnov and Odds Ratio. Results show that Body Mass Index obtained by a number of respondents who were obese were 19 respondents but of the 19 (78.9%) respondents only 4 people (21.1%) respondents who qualify as obese based on waist circumference. If in control with age, gender and genetics, the most dominant factors associated with obesity are genders where males respondents most obese.Abstrak : Faktor Risiko Obesitas Berdasarkan Indeks Massa Tubuh Dan Lingkar Pinggang Di SMA Katolik Palangkaraya. Tujuan penelitian yaitu untuk mengetahui faktor risiko yang paling berhubungan dengan obesitas pada siswa-siswi SMA Katolik Palangkaraya. Metode penelitian menggunakan rancangan Cross sectional. Sampel terdiri dari 108 orang siswa-siswi SMA dengan sampel laki-laki sebanyak 56 orang dan sampel perempuan sebanyak 52 orang. Penelitian menggunakan uji  Chi-square dan Kolmogorrov-smirnov serta Odss Ratio. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa  berdasarkan IMT didapatkan sejumlah responden yang obesitas sebanyak 19 orang tetapi dari 19 (78.9%) orang tersebut hanya 4 orang (21.1%) responden yang masuk kriteria obesitas berdasarkan LP. Jika di kontrol dengan umur, jenis kelamin dan genetik, faktor paling dominan yang berhubungan  dengan obesitas adalah jenis kelamin dimana responden laki-laki yang paling banyak mengalami obesitas. 
Pengaruh Pelatihan Caring terhadap Perilaku Memberikan Asuhan Keperawatan pada Mahasiswa Saat Rotasi Klinik di Politeknik Depkes Palangka Raya Purba, Maria Magdalena; Emilia, Ova; Rahayu, Gandes Retno
Jurnal Pendidikan Kedokteran Indonesia: The Indonesian Journal of Medical Education Vol 2, No 2 (2013): JULI
Publisher : Asosiasi Institusi Pendidikan Kedokteran Indonesia

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Background: Caring in nursing is a very basic component, as the heart of profession, Which means that caring is a fundamental component, and central and unique focus of nursing. Caring, which is a core of nursing practice, must grow from self and deepest heart to help other people since being a nursing student so that caring in nursing education, must be placed as main competency in nursing education. The aim of this research to evaluation the efficacy of caring training in improving understand cognitive, affective and psychomotor competencies of caring, among students during clinical periodMethod: This research used quasi experiment non-randomized control group pretest-posttest design. Respondents of research were nursing students of Poltekes Palangka Raya, Semester V, regular class, X-A period, with total of 37 respondents as intervention group and regular class of X-B period with total of 35 respondents as control group.Results: Data were analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistical analyses. Results of research indicated that cognitive, affective and psychomotor competencies of caring in nursing students with caring training did not show significant effect (cognitive: p-value = 0,21, affective: p-value = 0.58, psychomotor: p-value = 0.07); however, the average scores were higher among student received caring training The caring behavior showed no difference between male and female students.Conclusion: There is insignificant difference between students with caring training and students without caring training. The training should be modified as suggested in the paper. 
Hubungan Tingkat Kecemasan Dengan Peningkatan Kadar Gula Darah Klien Diabetes Mellitus Litae, Litae; Purba, Maria Magdalena; Febriani, Irene Febriani
Husada Mahakam Vol 4 No 8 (2019)
Publisher : Politeknik Kesehatan Kemenkes Kalimantan Timur

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Diabetes Mellitus (DM) is a medical disorder is a collection of symptoms caused by elevated levels of sugar or due to insulin resistance. DM is a non-communicable diseases. Riskesdas 2007 in Central Kalimantan diabetes prevalence of 0.9%, but were diagnosed by health personnel by 0.6%. While in the city of Palangkaraya. Prevalence of diabetes of 1.4%, but were diagnosed DM client just as much as 1.1%. This study aims to determine the relationship of the level of anxiety with increased blood sugar levels in diabetes mellitus clients in the region of Bukit Pukesmas Hindu city of Palangkaraya. Methods descriptive analytic cross sectional study design. The research sample as many as 65 people. The results showed that the DM Client Anxiety in Puskesmas Bukit Hindu city of Palangkaraya that her blood sugar levels <200 mg / dl was 23.1% mild anxiety and 24.6% were worried. Anxiety DM client that blood glucose levels> 200 mg / dl was 21.5% mild anxiety, and 30.8% were worried. Obtained a significant relationship between the level of anxiety with increased levels of sugar in clients with diabetes mellitus, where respondents blood sugar> 200 mg / dl with a moderate level of anxiety has peluag 5.787 times greater risk than the volunteers were mild anxiety level.