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KOMUNIKASI INTERPERSONAL DALAM SINETRON (Tinjauan Mengenai Romantic Relationship dalam Sinetron Si Doel Anak Sekolahan) Yuliarti, Monika Sri
KOMUNITAS Vol 1, No 1: Komunintas Vol 1 Num 1
Publisher : KOMUNITAS

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Soap opera is one of the the most popular products of mass media (television). ”Si Doel Anak Sekolahan”  is  one  of  the  most  famous  Indonesia  soap opera.  Meanwhile,  one  of  the  mass media  function  is  socialization/  transmission  of  social  values  function,  in  which  the  mass media display the values held by certain people in  it’s program, which later, audiences will adopt them into their daily lives. Romantic relationship is one the relationship that is created from the process of interpersonal communication between people. On the other hand, soap opera consists of many values of the romantic relationship. This study findings are: there are 4  values  of  romantic  relationship  which  is  shown  in this  soap  opera,  which  is  love, commitment, passion constructive, and intimacy. Those values tend to embodied in non verbal language,  and  the  trend  is  still  within  in  the  limits  based  on  east  culture  of  Indonesia. Meanwhile, from three main characters involved in alove triangle story, a character who is described tends to apply romantic relationship values is Zaenab. Keywords: romantic relationship, si Doel, sinetron,interpersonal communication
Komunikasi Musik: Pesan Nilai-Nilai Cinta dalam Lagu Indonesia Yuliarti, Monika Sri
Jurnal ILMU KOMUNIKASI Vol 12, No 2 (2015)
Publisher : FISIP Universitas Atma Jaya Yogyakarta

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Industri rekaman di Indonesia makin berkembang. Produk yang dihasilkan makin banyak dan dapat dinikmati oleh masyarakat melalui media massa maupun media lainnya. Lagu-lagu yang dihasilkan dari industri rekaman mengandung pesan tertentu, salah satu pesannya adalah nilai cinta. Di dalam lagu terkandung fungsi komunikasi massa yaitu sosialisasi atau transfer nilai-nilai tertentu dari satu generasi ke generasi lain. Nilai-nilai yang terkandung dalam lagu merupakanrealitas media. Di sisi lain, realitas media tidak selalu sejalan dengan realitas objektif. Paper ini akan mengulas mengenai nilai cinta dalam lagu serta mengelaborasi kesenjangan dan beberapa rekomendasi terkait dengan kesenjangan tersebut.
Media and environment: how indonesia online news portal frames biodegradable issue? Yuliarti, Monika Sri; Jatimurti, Wikan
Jurnal Studi Komunikasi Vol 3, No 2 (2019)
Publisher : Faculty of Communications Science, Dr. Soetomo University

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Environmental problems are still an important issue and cannot be resolved completely until now, even after the 1970s the United Nations established a world environmental day. Plastic waste is considered the most responsible for the problems of environmental damage today. Therefore, an innovation that comes from biodegradable material, with its biodegradable product is considered to be the answer to this environmental problem. This study examines how reporting on the environment is framed in online mass media, especially in relation to biodegradable material and biodegradable products. This is qualitative research, with the object of two Indonesian online news sites, namely and Data collection techniques used is document studies and data analysis techniques employed is Robert N. Entman's Framing analysis model which involves four elements, namely: define problems, diagnose causes, make moral judgment, and treatment recommendation. The findings of this study are that environmental issues have not dominated online media coverage, and the biodegradable issue has not been framed thoroughly by online media.