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The Effect of Toulmin’s Model of Argumentation Within TWPS Strategy on Students’ Critical Thinking on Argumentative Essay Suhartoyo, Eko; Mukminatien, Nur; Laksmi, Ekaning Dewanti
Jurnal Pendidikan Humaniora (JPH) Vol 3, No 2: Juni 2015
Publisher : Pascasarjana UM

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Abstract: This research aimed at investigating the effectiveness of Toulmin’s model of argumentation within TWPS strategy on undergraduate students’ critical thinking on argumentative essay. A quasi-experimental design with a pretest-posttest and nonrandomized control group design was used. The subjects were 38 fourth semester students in English Department of Universitas Negeri Malang.The experimental group was treated by using Toulmin’s model of argumentation within TWPS strategy while the control group was treated without TWPS strategy. Students’ critical thinking ability was measured by using argumentative essay test. ANCOVA was used to test the hypotheses. Findings showed there was not significant difference on the students’ critical thinking ability. However, Toulmin’s model of argumentation within TWPS strategy proved to improve the students’ critical thinking as shown by the improvement of the experimental group’s mean score.   Key Words: critical thinking, Toulmin’s model of argumentation, argumentative essay, Think-Write-Pair-Share strategyAbstrak: Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk menyelidiki efektivitas model argumentasi Toulmin dalam strategi TWPS pada kemampuan berpikir kritis esai argumentative mahasiswa. Desain kuasi-eksperi-mental digunakan dengan pretest-posttest dan nonrandomized control group. Subjek dari penelitian ini adalah 38 mahasiswa semester IV di Jurusan Bahasa Inggris Universitas Negeri Malang. Kelompok eksperimen diteliti dengan menggunakan model argumentasi dalam strategi TWPS sedangkan kelom-pok kontrol diteliti tanpa strategi TWPS. Kemampuan berpikir kritis siswa diukur dengan menggunakan uji esai argumentatif. ANCOVA digunakan untuk menguji hipotesis. Temuan menunjukkan tidak ada perbedaan yang signifikan pada kemampuan berpikir kritis siswa. Namun, model argumentasi Toulmin dalam strategi TWPS terbukti meningkatkan berpikir kritis siswa seperti yang ditunjukkan oleh nilai rata-rata. Kata kunci: berpikir kritis, model argumentasi toulmin, esai argumentatif, Think-Pair-Share Write- strategy
The Effectiveness Of Using Digital Photographs On Teaching Writing Narrative Text For English For Specific Purposes Harintama, Fitrana; Mukminatien, Nur; Irawati, Enny
Jurnal Pendidikan Humaniora (JPH) Vol 3, No 3: September 2015
Publisher : Pascasarjana UM

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Abstract: The paper reports a study which aims at exploring the effectiveness of digital photographs in helping students to achieve higher writing performance. This research uses quasi experimental de-sign. The participants were two groups of Arabic Literature department of Maulana Malik Ibrahim State Islamic University, Malang which were drawn using random sampling technique. The findings indicate that the posttest result of experimental and control groups are significantly different. The findings suggest that the implementation of digital photographs in the teaching of writing helps the students gain higher scores than the students who are taught using story starters. Key Words: digital photographs, photographs, narrative text, story starters, writingAbstrak: Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk menemukan efektivitas foto digital dalam membantu siswa untuk mencapai kinerja menulis yang lebih tinggi. Penelitian ini menggunakan desain eksperimen ku-asi. Subjek dalam penlitian ini adalah dua kelompok yang berasal dari Prodi Sastra Arab Universitas Islam Negeri Malang Maulana Malik Ibrahim yang diambil menggunakan teknik random sampling. Temuan menunjukkan bahwa hasil posttest dari kelompok eksperimen dan kontrol berbeda secara signifikan. Temuan menunjukkan bahwa pelaksanaan foto digital dalam pengajaran menulis membantu siswa memperoleh skor yang lebih tinggi daripada siswa yang diajar menggunakan cerita permulaan.Kata kunci: foto digital, foto, narasi teks, cerita permulaan, menulis
The Effect of Scaffolding Techniques on Students’ Writing Achievement Vonna, Yulia; Mukminatien, Nur; Laksmi, Ekaning Dewanti
Jurnal Pendidikan Humaniora (JPH) Vol 3, No 3: September 2015
Publisher : Pascasarjana UM

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Abstract: This paper reports a study  which investigated the effect of scaffolding techniques on students’ writing achievement. This study is quasi-experimental research with nonrandomized control group design. The total number of participants was 36 students who were in two different groups: experimental group and control group. There were twenty students in the experimental group and sixteen students in the control group. The result of the pre-test showed that both the experimental group and the control group were equal and homogenous since the statistical computation yielded significant value p = 0.890 which was higher than α =0.05. The analysis of writing test in post-test yielded p= .027 which was smaller than α = 0.05. Thus, it can be concluded that scaffolding techniques can significantly improve the students’ writing achievement.Key Words: scaffolding techniques, writing achievement Abstrak: Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk menginvestigasi teknik scaffolding terhadap kemampuan menulis siswa. Penelitian ini menggunakan eksperimental semu dengan desain nonrandomized control group. Jumlah partisipan dalam penelitian ini adalah 36 siswa yang dibagi dalam dua kelompok yaitu grup eksperimental dan grup kontrol. Grup eksperimental berjumlah 20 siswa, sedangkan grup kontrol berjumlah 16 siswa. Hasil pretest menunjukkan bahwa kedua grup sama dan homogen yang ditunjukkan oleh perhitungan statistik p = 0.890 yang lebih besar dari α =0.05. Sedangkan posttest menghasilkan p= .027 yang lebih kecil dari α = 0.05. Oleh karena itu dapat disimpulkan bahwa teknik scaffolding secara signifikan meningkatkan  kemampuan menulis siswa.Kata kunci: teknik scaffolding, kemampuan menulis
Bahasa dan Seni: Jurnal Bahasa, Sastra, Seni, dan Pengajarannya Vol 43, No 1 (2015)
Publisher : Fakultas Sastra Universitas Negeri Malang

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This is a report on an investigation of the differences between English teachers’ belief in effective teaching and their real practice in  remote-area schools in Indonesia. It is assumed that their beliefs play an important role in  influencing their decision in the classroom. It also uncovers the possible factors causing the  differences. A descriptive study using retrospective method was employed using a  questionnaire and an interview to 15  respondents participating in a Teacher Professional Education. The findings indicate that their beliefs about instructional objectives, materials, approach, classroom  management, instructional media, and assessment are not always reflected in implementations due to practical reasons or changes of belief either in a positive or negative way.
LET: Linguistics, Literature and English Teaching Journal Vol 5, No 1 (2015)
Publisher : English Department of Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teachers Training

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This research was conducted to develop a communicative supplementary speaking e-book for the English teachers in SMPN 3 Batu. This product provides the communicative speaking materials with communicative tasks to be applied in teaching learning process. The research design of this research is research and development (R & D) that has been modified from Borg and Gall (1983). The instruments used to collect the data for the needs analysis were interview with the teachers and a questionnaire for the students,  about the current materials. Then the data from the needs analysis used a developing a communicative speaking material product. After that, the product needs to be validated by three experts using validation checklist as the instrument in the expert validation. This product was design for the 8th graders of junior high school, academic year 2013/2014, in SMPN 3 Batu. Twenty students from nine classes that were selected by the teachers were chosen as the subjects of the research. Then the instruments used in try-out were an observation checklist for the students’ speaking activity, questionnaire for the students about the try-out material, and observation checklist for the teachers about the try-out material.This e-book contains communicative and interactive speaking materials and tasks to help the teachers’ improve the the students’ confidance using English in various communication situations, both formal and informal. This e-book is also equipped with a manual to help the teachers and the students.  It revealed that the result of the try-out from the instruments used in this step was very good which means that the developed product did not need any revision.
Jurnal Pendidikan: Teori, Penelitian, dan Pengembangan Vol.1, No.9, September 2016
Publisher : Graduate School of Universitas Negeri Malang

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A research and development was conducted to address the problem of teaching and learning argumentative course. The teaching of the course that implemented process writing approach took long time to conduct and required face to face meeting for guidance. An online media in form of website was developed enabling the teaching and learning to be conducted online. The website is specially designed to allow the five stages of process writing approach; planning, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing done online.Penelitian pengembangan ini dilakukan sebagai solusi dari permasalahan belajar dan pembelajaran matakuliah menulis argumentatif. Pembelajaran menulis argumentatif menggunakan pendekatan process writing yang memerlukan waktu lama serta mengharuskan adanya tatap muka untuk dilakukan. Sebuah media pembelajaran online dalam bentuk website dikembangkan untuk memungkinkan pembelajaran menulis argumentatif dilaksanakan secara online. Website ini dirancang secara khusus untuk dapat memfasilitasi lima tahap pembelajaran menggunakan pendekatan process writing; perencanaan, penulisan, revisi, penyuntingan, dan publikasi untuk dapat dilakukan secara online.
A CHECKLIST TO ASSESS THE USE OF DISCOURSE MARKERS IN STUDENTS’ WRITING Sujiyani, Erma; Asri, Atiqah Nurul; Fauzia, Maya Rizki; Mukminatien, Nur
Bahasa dan Seni : Jurnal Bahasa, Sastra, Seni, dan Pengajarannya Vol 42, No 2 (2014)
Publisher : Fakultas Sastra

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Discourse markers (DMs) play a crucial role in writing as ‘linking words’, ‘linking phrases’, or ‘sentence connectors’ that bind ideas between sentences in a paragraph  or between paragraphs to  build  coherence  in a text.  DMs should be sufficiently but not overly used in writing. As EFL learners find it difficult to identify the types, functions, and positions of DMs to link ideas in their academic writing, this article attempts to share an instrument in the form of DMs checklist to help learners enhance their knowledge of DMs. The checklist can also be used as teacher/peer feedback form in the writing process.
Communication Strategies Employed by EFL Learners in A Speaking Class Syarifudin, Syarifudin; Mukminatien, Nur; Rachmajanti, Sri; Kadarisman, Achmad Effendi
Jurnal Pendidikan Humaniora Vol 4, No 2: Juni 2016
Publisher : Pascasarjana UM

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Abstract: The present study explored verbal and nonverbal communication strategies (CSs) employed by learners both as message senders (speakers) and as message receivers (listeners) in English in a speaking class. It employed a qualitative design with an ethonography of communication approach in a limited situation setting (speaking class). Thirty two students taking Speaking II subject at the English Education of IKIP Mataram were selected by using a purposeful technique. The techniques used to collect data consisted of non-participant observation and video recording. The research findings showed that there were eleven verbal CSs employed by message senders and six non-verbal. Furthermore, on the learners’ strategies to deal with communication problems encountered by message receivers (listeners) were found as many as seven verbal strategies and seven nonverbal strategies Key Words: communication strategies (CSs), EFL Learners, speaking courseAbstrak: Penelitian ini mengeksplorasi strategi komunikasi verbal dan nonverbal yang digunakan oleh pembelajar baik sebagai pengirim pesan (pembicara) maupun sebagai penerima pesan (pendengar) untuk mengatasi masalah komunikasi dalam berkomunikasi berbahasa Inggris perkuliahan speaking. Penelitian ini menggunakan desain kualitatif dengan pendekatan etnografi komunikasi dalam situasi terbatas (perkuliahan speaking). Tiga puluh dua mahasiswa yang sedang mengambil mata kuliah speaking II pada jurusan Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris IKIP Mataram, dipilih dengan menggunakan purposeful technique. Teknik pengumpulan data terdiri dari observasi non partisipan dan merekam video. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa ada sebelas strategi verbal digunakan oleh pengirim pesan (pembicara). Sementara itu, ditemukan enam strategi nonverbal yang diterapkan oleh pembicara dalam mengatasi masalah komunikasi. Selanjutnya, ada tujuh strategi verbal yang diterapkan oleh pendengar dan ada tujuh strategi nonverbal yang diterapkan oleh pendengar: Kata kunci: strategi komunikasi, siswa EFL , pembelajaran berbicara
Teaching English as a Foreign Language: Making Use of Spontaneous Language Rahmanita, Meiga; Mukminatien, Nur
Jurnal Pendidikan Humaniora Vol 7, No 1: March 2019
Publisher : Pascasarjana UM

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Abstract: Although the importance of teaching and learning English has been widely recognized, many still do not know the best way to optimize the students? ability in EFL learning. This article attempts to explore  effective ways of teaching English by reviewing an article by Illèss and Akcan?s (2017) entitled Bringing Real-Life Language Use into EFL Classroom. Involving 25 pre-service English teachers in Turkey and nine in Hungary, the researchers recorded their classrooms? condition and conducted semi-controlled interviews with the teachers to investigate the use of real-life language in their classrooms. It was revealed that the use of real life language in EFL classrooms was beneficial to optimize students ability in EFL learning. In addition, facilitating the use of spontaneus language, providing authentic materials and real-life context, and creating learner-centered process of learning in the classrooms also affirmed the optimization.Key Words: English teaching pedagogy, spontaneous language, authentic teaching, traditional way of teaching Abstrak: Meskipun pentingnya pengajaran dan pembelajaran bahasa Inggris telah dikenal secara luas, masih banyak yang belum memahami cara terbaik untuk mengoptimalkan kemampuan siswa dalam belajar Bahasa Inggris. Artikel ini menguraikan cara-cara efektif dalam mengajar bahasa Inggris dengan menelaah artikel oleh Illèss dan Akcan (2017) berjudul Bringing Real-Life Language Use into EFL Classroom. Melibatkan 25 calon guru Bahasa Inggris di Turki dan sembilan di Hongaria, kedua peneliti merekam situasi kelas dan melakukan wawancara semi-terstruktur terhadap mereka. Telaah ini menemukan bahwa penggunaan bahasa yang digunakan secara alami di kelas pembelajaran Bahasa Inggris bermanfaat untuk mengoptimalkan kemampuan siswa dalam belajar Bahasa Inggris. Selain itu, memfasilitasi penggunaan bahasa secara spontan, menyiapkan materi otentik dan terkait konteks kehidupan nyata, serta menciptakan proses pembelajaran yang berpusat pada siswa juga membantu optimalisasi itu.Kata kunci: pedagogik pembelajaran bahasa Inggris, penggunaan bahasa spontan, pengajaran otentik, cara pengajaran tradisional