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The Teaching Of EFL Writing In The Indonesian Context: The State Of The Art Widiati, Utami; Cahyono, Bambang Yudi
Jurnal Ilmu Pendidikan Vol 13, No 3 (2006)
Publisher : Universitas Negeri Malang

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Along with the establishment of the national policy which acknowledges English as the first foreign language taught in schools, writing has been part of the teaching and learning of English in various levels of education. Accordingly, many research studies on EFL writing in Indonesia have been reported and practices in the teaching of writing outlined in various types of publications. However, no publication has offered a comprehensive synthesis of the findings of those studies and teaching experiences. In response to the need for providing an overall analysis as such, this article discusses the state of the art of the teaching of EFL writing in the Indonesian context. Taking into account the historical development of teaching methodology and theoretical framework of research on writing in a wider context, this article discusses current development of EFL writing research and teaching, and elaborates the future trends of this area of investigation
Key Features of the Process Approach and Their Pedagogical Implications: Challenges for the Indonesian Context Widiati, Utami
Jurnal Ilmu Pendidikan Vol 11, No 3 (2004)
Publisher : Universitas Negeri Malang

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Paradigm shifts have occurred in the teaching of writing in the ESL context. The process approach, the paradigm of the reinvented rhetoric, as Freedman and Pringle (in Emig, 1982: 2022) call it, emphasises the view of writing as a process of developing organisation as well as meaning. This article examines the challenges of the process approach for the Indonesian context. It begins with the description of the key features of the approach. The article also highlights what pedagogical implications the features have for writing instruction in EFL/ESL writing classrooms.
Problems with Peer Response of Writing-as-a-Process Approach in an EFL Writing Classroom Widiati, Utami
Jurnal Ilmu Pendidikan Vol 9, No 3 (2002)
Publisher : Universitas Negeri Malang

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This paper is the result of reflection on personal experience in teaching writing using the process approach at the Department of English, State University of Malang, Indonesia. It firstly describes the current practice of teaching writing courses at the Department. Following this, ESL writing literature is explored to show how process approaches have been accepted in ESL composition. Then, the paper discusses some problems in teaching writing at the Department using the approach, referring more specifically to peer response activities. Finally, it offers a pedagogic proposal in the form of training strategies for peer response through classroom action research.
Meningkatkan Audience (Purpose Awareness) Siswa Sekolah Dasar melalui Kegiatan Menulis yang Berorientasi pada Pembaca dan Tujuan Widiati, Utami; Furaidah, Furaidah
Jurnal Ilmu Pendidikan Vol 7, No 4 (2000)
Publisher : Universitas Negeri Malang

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The study was intended to develop students audience/purpose awareness in writing through the implementation of audience/purpose-related writing activities. A collaborative-action-research design was employed, involving 2 researchers and 2 elementary school teachers. Thirty three (33) fourth-graders of elementary school participated in the study. Data in the form of students writings were collected in the first and second terms of the 1999/2000 school year, which were then analyzed quantitatively and qualitatively. The findings suggest that at the end of the second cycle of the action research the students ability develops, which is indicated in the audience adaptations found in their writings and in the use of appropriate genre and register
Possible Challenges of Teacher Research for Teacher Professional Development Widiati, Utami
Jurnal Ilmu Pendidikan Vol 7 (2000): Edisi Khusus
Publisher : Universitas Negeri Malang

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Teacher research (i.e. action research) has gained acceptance as a tool for teacher professional development. In spite of its increasing popularity in language classrooms, concerns have been raised in the implementation of teacher research, such as issues of quality, sustainability, the development of standards, and accessibility. In the Indonesian context, the unprofessional working conditions and the education background of most teachers have made it difficult for teachers to sustain and access research. Since changing the former appears beyond the aim of this article, it is suggested that teacher education institutions focus on the latter, revisiting the curriculum of teacher education to provide more research components
Meningkatkan Kemampuan Mengajar Reflektif Guru Bahasa Inggris Berpengalaman dan Baru melalui Observasi/Konferensi Sejawat dan Jurnal Mengajar Furaidah, Furaidah; Widiati, Utami
Ilmu Pendidikan: Jurnal Kajian Teori dan Praktik Kependidikan Vol 30, No 2 (2003)
Publisher : Universitas Negeri Malang

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This collaborative action research aimed at increasing teachers' reflective teaching through the use of mutual observation and conference among critical friends, and the writing of teaching journal. It consisted of two cycles and involved two lecturers, two senior teachers, and one junior teacher. In cycle one, mutual observation followed with conference among critical friends resulted in the teachers' more reflective attitude about their teaching performance and better relationship between senior and junior teachers. Though considered to be beneficial, mutual observation needed deeply rooted trust among colleauges that needed long time to grow and neatly arranged teaching schedule. Therefore, in the second cycle, the writing of teaching journal, which then was discussed among critical friends, was taken as alternative.
Demotivating Factors in Learning English: Students’ Perceptions Khusyabaroh, Lutfiyan; Widiati, Utami; Anugerahwati, Mirjam
Jurnal Pendidikan Humaniora Vol 6, No 3: September 2018
Publisher : Pascasarjana UM

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Abstract: Students’ demotivation is an area which is not widely reached from studies. It is essential to revover the students’ demotivation factors in learning English. 240 ninth grade of junior high schools students were taken part. There were four factors of demotivation, they were seen from teacher, classmates, text books and activities, and students’ characteristics aspects.Key Words: students’ demotivation, learning English, perceptionsAbstrak: Demotivasi siswa merupakan topik yang belum begitu tersentuh oleh penelitian. Oleh karena itu, penting untuk menguak penyebab demotivasi siswa dalam belajar bahasa Inggris. Ada 240 siswa yang bersedia menjadi sampel penelitian ini. Hasil penelitian menemukan empat faktor demotivasi siswa, yaitu aspek giri, teman sekelas, buku pelajaran dan kegiatan, dan karakteristik siswa.Kata kunci: demotivasi siswa, belajar bahasa Inggris, persepsi
Celt Vol 6, No 2 (2006)
Publisher : Soegijapranata Catholic University

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As an important element of language and as the essential part of linguistic competence, grammar has a central role in making up learners’ language skills and their communicative competence. However, from the historical perspective of language teaching methodology, the role of grammar has once been over-emphasized, likely neglected, or treated equally important with fluency in communication. This article reviews aspects of the teaching of grammar, varying from common issues of grammar teaching in the broader perspective of foreign/second language learning to the teaching of grammar as well as research on grammar teaching in the Indonesian context. In light of the discussion of these various issues, this article provides some recommendations for future research and insights for addressing grammar in English language classrooms in Indonesia.
Pengaruh Strategi Pembelajaran Inkuiri Berbasis Keterampilan Multiliterasi terhadap Kemampuan Berpikir Kritis Siswa Julianda, Julianda; Widiati, Utami; Djatmika, Ery Tri
Jurnal Pendidikan: Teori, Penelitian, dan Pengembangan Vol 3, No 4: APRIL 2018
Publisher : Graduate School of Universitas Negeri Malang

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Abstract: The purpose of this research is to know the difference of critical thinking ability of experiment class students using inquiry strategy based multiliteracies skills with control class using conventional learning. This research was conducted in SMP Negeri 1 Meulaboh. The subjects of the study were the students of class VIII with the sample of class VIII-A and VIII-B which amounted to 54 students. This type of research is quasi experimental with nonequivalent control group design. The result of the research showed (1) the improvement of students critical thinking ability with moderate qualification after receiving treatment with multiliteration skills based inquiry strategy, (2) there is a significant difference of students critical thinking ability in the experimental class and control class. Based on the results of the research that has been proposed, the inquiry strategy based multiliteracies skills is recommended for the use of IPS teachers in improving students critical thinking ability.Abstrak: Tujuan penelitian ini adalah untuk mengetahui perbedaan kemampuan berpikir kritis siswa kelas eksperimen yang menggunakan strategi pembelajaran inkuiri berbasis keterampilan multiliterasi dengan kelas kontrol yang menggunakan pembelajaran konvensional. Penelitian ini dilaksanakan di SMP Negeri 1 Meulaboh. Subjek penelitian adalah siswa kelas VIII dengan sampel kelas VIII-A dan VIII-B yang berjumlah 54 siswa. Jenis penelitian adalah quasi experimental dengan rancangan nonequivalent control group design. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan (1) terjadinya peningkatan kemampuan berpikir kritis siswa dengan kualifikasi sedang setelah menerima treatment dengan strategi pembelajan inkuiri berbasis keterampilan multiliterasi, (2) terdapat perbedaan secara signifikan kemampuan berpikir kritis siswa pada kelas eksperimen dan kelas kontrol. Berdasarkan hasil penelitian yang telah dikemukakan, maka strategi pembelajaran inkuiri berbasis keterampilan multiliterasi direkomendasikan untuk digunakan guru IPS dalam meningkatkan kemampuan berpikir kritis siswa.
The Impact of Video-Assisted Group Work Method and Achievement Motivation on Learning Outcome of English Descriptive Paragraf Writing Usman, Sriati; Setyosari, Punaji; Widiati, Utami; Lembah, Gazali
Jurnal Pendidikan Humaniora (JPH) Vol 3, No 1: Maret 2015
Publisher : Pascasarjana UM

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Pengaruh Metode Group Work Berbantuan Media Video dan Motivasi Berprestasi terhadap Hasil Belajar Menulis Paragraf Deskriptif dalam Bahasa InggrisAbstract: The aim of this research is to describe and  examine the effect of instructional group work method utilizing video media and  achievement motivation towards students’ study results in writing English descriptive paragraph. This research is a quasi-experimental with factorial version 2x2 of pre-test and posttest nonequivalent control group design, implemented into five different paralel classes, A,B,C,D, and E class. Data of study results collected through pretest and posttest are analized by using SPSS 17. Research result showed that group work method gives a better effect than individual work toward students’ learning outcomes. Key Words: method, group work, video media, individual work, achievement motivation, learning outcomesAbstrak: Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk menguji pengaruh metode group work berbantuan media vi-deo dan motivasi berprestasi terhadap hasil belajar menulis paragraf deskriptif dalam bahasa Inggris. Penelitian quasi experiment ini menggunakan rancangan faktorial 2x2 nonequivalent control group design, yang dilaksanakan pada 5 kelas paralel, yaitu kelas A, B, C, D, dan E. Data hasil belajar diper-oleh melalui kegiatan pretest dan posttest. Anova faktorial 2x2 (Anova 2 jalur) digunakan untuk menganalisis data dengan menggunakan aplikasi SPSS 17. Hasil penelitian menunjukan bahwa metode group work lebih baik daripada metode individual, yang secara signifikan mempengaruhi hasil belajar menulis paragraf deskriptif dalam bahasa Inggris.Kata kunci: metode, group work, video, media, individual work, motivasi berprestasi, hasil belajar