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Pemanfaatan Bulu Ayam Dan Komposisi Cangkang Rajungan Untuk Meningkatkan Kualitas Fisik Dan Kimia Kompos Kusmiadi, R; Khodijah, NS; Akbar, A
ENVIAGRO Vol 7, No 2 (2014): ENVIAGRO
Publisher : Universitas Bangka Belitung

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Utilization of waste chicken feather and crab shells as compost material is an alternative to reduce the environmental pollution caused by waste. This research is identify and study the effect of the addition of crab shells during composting of chicken feather in improving the physical and chemical quality compost chicken feather. The composition compost consists of 1.75 kg of chicken feathers  + 0.15 kg of chicken manure + 0.1 kg bran. Treatmentincludesresearch R0 without the addition of crab shells, R1 0,2 kg, R2 0,4 kg, R3 0.6 kg shell crab. This research used a cluster randomized design (RAK) consisting of 4 treatment, which was repeated 3 and each treatment has 3 samples, 36 samples were obtained observations. Observationsonthe observed variableswere analyzedusing theF test. If there is atreatmentthat have areal effect, it willcontinueto usefurthertestingHonestlySignificant Difference(HSD) with a95% confidence level. Physical parameters include is water conten, temperature, and colour of compost. Parameters  chemical  include is N, P, K, Ca, C-Organik, and C/N ratio. The results showedthat theaddition 0.6kg ofcrabshellsonly givethe effectin improving quality pH (7,29%), Ca (6,8%), P (1,16%), N-Total (4,16%). Variablesthat have metquality standardsbySNI19-7030-2004compostisN-total, pH, Ca, C-Organic and Phosphorus.
Pengembangan Komoditas Unggulan Tanaman Pangan di Kabupaten Bone Akbar, A; Barus, Baba; Baskoro, Dwi Putro Tejo
TATALOKA Vol 16, No 2 (2014): Volume 16 Number 2, May 2014
Publisher : Universitas Diponegoro

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Crop farming sector is an important sector in Bone, but it’s productivity is still fluctuating. Currently commodities occur in the area, that may contribute to agriculture development, and they may distribute in unappropriate physical suitability and lack support of infrastructure. This study aims to (1) Identify the superior crop commodities in Bone, (2) Identify availability of  agricultural infrastructure and facilities, (3) Evaluate land suitability for food crops in Bone, (4) Develop guidelines for location and strategies for development of superior commodity crops  in Bone. The analytical method used is the LQ analysis, MCDM-TOPSIS, schallogram, land suitability, and AWOT. Results showed that paddy, corn and soybeans are superior commodities. Suitable land for development are  20,7% for rice, 16,0% for corn and  0,9% for soybean. Location for development commodity is directed in district Libureng, Awangpone, Tellusiattinge, Ponre, Kahu, Lamuru, Cina, Salomekko, Ajangale, Tonra, Bontocani, Cenrana, Kajuara, Amali, Mare, Tellulimpoe dan Patimpeng.  Strategies development, namely: (a) Optimizing and utilizing the potential of the area/natural resources, human resources and government policies for the development of food crops selected; (b) Increasing partnerships between stakeholders; (c) Enhancing the ability of research institutions to develop new technologies, and (d) Utilizing a strategic position region business import export trade of agricultural products.