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Journal : AL-RISALAH

Implementasi Kompilasi Hukum Islam Dalam Hitungan Talak Terhadap Cerai Khulu’

AL-RISALAH Vol 12 No 1 (2012)
Publisher : AL-RISALAH

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The formation of sakinah and mawaddah family is a dream of every husband and wife. However, the harmonious relationship within family could not always be achieved. If it happens, divorce is utilized as a solution to resolve it. In relation to this, the purpose of this paper is to analyze the issue of divorce in khulu’. Muslim scholars themselves have different views on khulu’ whether it comes in the field of talak or fasakh. Practically, in Indonesia, this issue has been regulated in the Compilation of Islamic Law in the area of talak. Therefore, If the khulu occurs then the khulu position is the same with divorce, the divorce bain sughra

Hukum Pernikahan Islam Dalam Konteks Indonesia

AL-RISALAH Vol 14 No 2 (2014)
Publisher : AL-RISALAH

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slam came to bring mercy to all the worlds, his presence as a complement to the previous religion, certainly did the teachings contained therein covers all aspects of human life in the world. One of them is about the law of marriage. Islam brought the concept of a very elegant wedding, so being able to received and executed by humans. In Indonesia was one of the regions predominantly Muslim society, of course, trying to submit and obey the rules of conduct set forth in the two major legal sources i.e. the Quran and Hadith. But the teaching will be strong and sturdy when his supplemented with interpretations through the opinions of scholars (fiqh). To bridge it was one pitch or in a compilation of guidelines on the compilation of Islamic law. Its purpose is only to the benefit of the people of Islam in Indonesia. In order for a marriage between a man and a woman have the force of law that remain. Not just on the point of view of the religious aspects but also legal aspects of State law.